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Gold Wedding Bands for Men

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Mens Gold Wedding Bands

The marriage covenant has long been sealed with the exchange of wedding rings between bride and groom. Across many cultures, the circular ring is an established symbol for eternity, and couples embrace this tradition for their own love story. Choosing a wedding ring is a very personal purchase, and many couples become overwhelmed at trying to find the right fit. Apples of Gold jewelry retailer has the answer, with hundreds of mens gold wedding bands to choose from. Read more.

The various styles from Apples of Gold is sure help any couple pick the perfect ring for the groom. Choosing from their mens gold wedding bands gives the groom a broad selection of rings from classic to modern, each with a quality guarantee. Couples can choose from the time-honored traditional look of a plain gold ring with a standard or comfort fit. The comfort fit option is rounded on the inside of the band for a more organic fit. These bands come in a shiny, polished finish, or a muted brushed or satin finish, and a myriad of widths from thin (3mm) to wide (8mm).

Apples of Gold mens gold wedding bands also includes rings with fashionable styles, like the braided band. These rings come in a lose braid or more tightly-styled weave to increase style options. Also, the bands are available in yellow gold, white gold, or a two-tone combination. Grooms can really make a statement by purchasing a ring with yellow, white and rose gold braided together.

Another option for grooms is the handsome wreath design. This motif allows grooms to have a ring of true crowning glory among mens gold wedding bands. These beautifully crafted rings feature a continuous wreath band in yellow or white gold. The wreath collection also includes a the elegantly designed wreath of leaves for a sophisticated look in yellow, white, or two-tone gold.

Perhaps the most personal of a mens gold band is the handwritten band. Absolutely unique in every way, this simple band packs a powerful statement with a handwritten insignia available on the inside or outside of the ring. Couples can write their wedding date, favorite Bible verse and chapter or a message of love on these rings, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind purchase. Apples of Gold makes personalization easy by asking couples to just submit a handwritten image file in order to complete their design.

Choosing a groom’s ring has never been easier than now with Apples of Gold’s mens gold wedding bands. Their selection offers style and affordability to ensure every groom can take pride in his wedding ring. From classic plains bands to refined designs, Apples of Gold has the right ring at the best price.

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