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Womens Gold Wedding Bands

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Gold wedding bands for women are both a time-honored tradition and symbols bursting with meaning. The circular shape of these rings, like all wedding bands, has no beginning or end and is a picture of unbroken, unending love. However the use of gold adds an extra shot of significance. Giving bands made of a precious, rare metal symbolizes giving the best oneself—the best you can give—to another person.

The giving of gold rings is nothing new. Rebekah, who became the wife of a biblical patriarch, was presented with a gold ring when it became clear that she was the right woman for Isaac. Although the ring Rebekah received wasn’t technically a wedding band, it demonstrates the use of such rings as a symbol of commitment as far back as biblical times. The utilization of these rings specifically as wedding bands can be traced back over a thousand years. Examples of gold wedding bands for women have been found from the 7th century that depict Christ uniting a bride and groom, and gold rings of countless styles have been used in the centuries since then.
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Plain gold wedding bands are a true classic. They’re proof that simple style can speak with grace and strength. However, gold wedding bands for women aren’t just about tradition. A number of updated and completely original designs take this classic symbol to a new level of style. From hammered finishes to unique braided designs, these aren’t your mother’s wedding bands.

Apples of Gold’s collection of gold Celtic wedding bands incorporate symbols that many have adopted to represent eternity. While these knot designs can be traced back to the 5th Century, their use in wedding bands brings a fresh, meaningful twist.

Vintage designs also add stunning style to gold wedding bands for women. Whether inspired by the Victorian Era or the Art Deco period, these time-honored motifs from the past turn rings into the heirlooms of the future.

A number of Apples of Gold’s gold wedding bands for women allow you to express your faith as well as your love. Styles that incorporate crosses and Bible verses keep a reminder of your love for your spouse and for God close at hand.

Apples of Gold’s collection of gold wedding bands for women spans a full range of styles from traditional to trendy to everything in between. Each one is a unique symbol that your love is precious, just like the metal it’s crafted from.

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