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Greek Key Wedding Rings

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Greek Key Wedding Bands: Unity for Infinity

Through symbols we define our faith, “With this ring, I thee wed.’; with our words we seal our bond. The crafting of Greek Key Wedding Bands combine a symbol that has survived eons, with an intention to be given with honest words, words that mirror the very emblem interwoven into its crevices: Infinity. Read more.

Greek Key Wedding Bands open a doorway when the hearts’ desire is to unlock a life shared. The designs meander with sharp turns intricately etched in gold, a motif that dates back to the labyrinth beneath the palace of Knossos, a labyrinth from the Bronze Age in Crete.

The etchings carved with intricate detail on Greek Key Wedding Bands are impressions used for millennia. The shape is a relic of a past filled with legend. From ancient Far East wonders to the Grecian Urns of heroes whose names will never die – The message has resonated throughout the ages, where this pattern is used out of love – that love is destined to be an everlasting love.

Making your intentions gold-fastened with a Greek Key Wedding Band is a life changing event, a step made with an instrument so becoming of your wonderful wife to be. Comparable in beauty, a gift to set your souls entwined for a lifetime and beyond.

Infinity, unity, strength in unity, with this ring you will wed, and shed the doubt that comes with not knowing a special someone will be yours to keep. Through the seal of a sacrament as traditional as the Greek Key Wedding Band symbol itself, as ancient as amour, as important as your partner is to you, unity will flourish. Through the seal of joyous ceremony life will spring, eternally blossoming.

As your hearts beat in tandem pronouncing your love at an altar where your combined emotion play center-stage, these matching rings will pass, and anoint the threshold of your new life together.

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