Two Tone Wedding Bands for Men 

two tone gold hammered wedding band ringThe wedding ring is a statement of style for women, but men don’t have to sit out on the fun. A wedding band is a wonderful symbol of commitment and love that is steeped in tradition, but it is also a way for a groom to express his personal taste and style. The standard option for men is a plain gold band, classic and simple. But for the groom who wants to give a little more color to his ring choice there are plenty of two tone wedding bands for men. Online jewelry retailer Apples of Gold has a wide selection of two tone gold wedding rings that will please any groom. The high quality gold and superior designs found at Apples of Gold offer the best for grooms searching for their perfect ring.

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cross bible verse wedding band ringTwo tone wedding bands for men allow them to bring a unique style to their wedding ceremony and to their lifetime commitment to their bride. One bold option for grooms is the Parisian Cross Bible Verse Wedding Band. This ring is an excellent choice for the gentleman who wants to express his faith in his wedding band while still having a stylish flair. The cross design is repeated to encircle the band and is cast in a gleaming 14K white gold for a modern touch. The solid crosses are offset by dual 14K yellow gold bands that border the design and add refinement to the piece. The inner band of 14K white gold is inscribed with a touching Bible verse to forever remind the groom of his beloved. This Parisian Cross wedding band is just one example of the superbly designed two tone wedding bands for men that Apples of Gold offers its customers.

two tone gold braided wedding band ringAnother is the structured Two Tone Gold Braided Wedding Band Ring that showcases a perfect marriage of white and yellow gold. The inner band of 14K white gold is polished for a smooth shine and features a comfort fit style. The white gold also adorns the slightly rounded edges of the ring, and it forms dual roped lines that bring excellent texture. The center band holds the 14K yellow gold braided design that offers a contrast in texture to the roped edges and makes this wedding band a wonderful choice for any groom looking for a unique combination of designs.

Grooms can bring the Celtic tradition to their wedding bands with the Celtic Claddagh Wedding Band. This wedding band brings the symbolism of the heart, hands and crown together to stand for love, friendship and loyalty throughout the marriage by repeating the pattern over the band. The claddagh symbol is wrought of elegant 14K yellow gold and shows off fine craftsmanship. The Celtic motif is bordered on both sides by 14K white gold bands that are smoothly polished into rounded edges. The inner band offers the best in comfort fit design to make this Celtic ring easy to wear every day.

mens celtic wedding band ringToday’s grooms have plenty of options when they shop with Their two tone wedding bands for men make it possible for the groom to feel stylish and sophisticated with their wedding band. Boring wedding bands are a thing of the past, but two tone gold rings are anything but blasé. The Apples of Gold rings bring only the best in high quality gold and certainly offer superior design. Men will be proud to receive their two tone gold wedding band from their beautiful bride and will be honored to wear it for a lifetime, thanks to the Apples of Gold high quality guarantee.

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