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Diamonds are a girlís best friend, so they say. But that wasnít always the case. In the 13th Century, French law declared that diamonds were to be worn only by the king. Thankfully, laws have changed for the better and made it so any man can now adorn themselves like royalty. Apples of Gold makes that possible with their collection of mens diamond wedding bands. These crown-worthy gems have the highest hardness of any stone and can make your wedding band a knockout in a flash. Hereís a glimpse at just a few of the options from Apples of Gold. Read more.

Set yourself apart with a simple but stylish ring from the mens diamond wedding bands collection from The Square Diamond Wedding Band is an instant update to the classic ring by taking the outside of the band and giving it square shape. The inside of the band remains curved for comfort. The 14K white gold gleams bright and holds a princess cut diamond in the center of the ring. Polished a brush satin finish, the band offers a subdued glow, and a carved lined encircles the band. With just the right amount of gem, this square ring is a great fit for any groom.

If youíre looking for a little more punch among the mens diamond wedding bands, then check out the Quarter Carat Diamond Wedding Band. This ring offers four neat rows of scintillating diamonds, set center stage. The 14K yellow gold band measures 6mm wide at the middle with a graduated band. This domed look is a great choice to add bling to your ring without the high price.

Want a balance between too much bling and not enough style? Then Three-Quarter Carat Diamond Hammered Wedding Band is your best bet. This is the perfect marriage in mens diamond wedding bands of style and structure. A single row of bright roundcut diamonds encircles the band, offset from the center, and offers a flash of brilliance. The 7mm wide band features 14K white gold, with part of the band crafted with a hammered finish. The other edge is a brush satin finish, and the inner band offers a comfort fit, making this ring an ideal blend of artwork and practicality.

The best of both worlds in mens diamond wedding bands is also found with the 14K two-tone half carat Infinity Diamond Wedding Band. This ring features offers two thick, rounded 14K yellow gold edges that provide the framework for the detailed diamond work. The center of the ring showcases a raised, twisting infinity design crafted of 14K white gold. Inside each curve is a roundcut diamond, making for a radiant ring.

The variety of rings offered by Apples of Gold proves that mens diamond wedding bands donít have to be boring. Their selection rivals the crown jewels and gives every groom a chance to feel like a king from his wedding day and beyond. Celebrate your commitment with a ring thatís up to the task -- only from

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