14K Gold Wedding Bands 

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white gold paisley wedding band ringWedding bands are a symbol of commitment, love and enduring faithfulness. The nature of a circle is unending, and so is a wedding ring. These small symbols represent one of the biggest ceremonies and rites of passage a man and woman can take, so couples should choose their wedding bands with care. Wedding rings have long been associated with gold because of its precious metal status. Gold is still the most popular metal used to create wedding rings, and typically the gold is 14K. Gold is measured in karats, with 24K being pure gold. Since this is too soft to make jewelry, the gold is made an alloy with other metals like copper, zinc, nickel and silver. These other metals help gold achieve the proper hardness and durability for jewelry. 14K gold wedding bands are among the best alloys because they bring the right amount of durability to jewelry while still letting the beauty of the gold shine through. As couples carefully navigate their search for gold wedding bands, they should turn to online jewelry retailer applesofgold.com. They have hundreds of 14K gold wedding bands in an abundance of styles, and their broad selection allows brides and grooms to choose the perfect ring to commemorate their marriage.

wide square wedding band ring goldThe beauty of 14K gold wedding bands is that they won’t scratch as easily as other rings with too much gold, which makes them too soft for everyday wear. At Apples of Gold, the range of gold wedding bands is superior to any standard jewelry store, so customers are getting the best possible options, like the Wide Square Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold. This exceptional ring takes the tradition of a plain gold band and gives it just the right amount of modern flair. The 14K yellow gold is bright and polished, and features a square cut to the outer band. This unique design keeps the style fresh and interesting, and the inner band is given a comfort fit design so the wedding band is still comfortable to wear. A remarkable ring by any standard, this gold band measures 8mm wide and 2mm thick for a solid look and feel.

paisley wedding band ring white goldNot interested in yellow gold? Not a problem. Apples of Gold also offers 14K white gold wedding bands also. A very popular precious metal today, white gold offers the value of traditional yellow gold but with the radiance of a clean, white color. Apples of Gold have plenty of options for the couple looking for a more contemporary design, like the 14K White Gold Wreath Wedding Band. This ring has a truly special style, with a matte-finished wreath that encircles the ring and wraps beautifully around the finger. The center of the 5.5mm wide ring is adorned with a single, plain center band that grounds the design. This piece is highly polished for an excellent contrast in finishes. This ring makes a wonderful wedding band for the bride and groom looking for matching rings, too.

Apples of Gold has the answer for any couple looking for 14K gold wedding bands. Their quality craftsmanship and dynamic designs make it easy for the bride and groom to find just the right look for their wedding and for a lifetime. Couples can rest assured they are getting the best 14K gold wedding bands possible because Apples of Gold offers a high quality guarantee with every purchase. They also offer an average of 40 percent savings over standard jewelry stores by partnering closely with their supplies. Apples of Gold saves the bride and groom time, money, and stress by providing the perfect place to shop for their wedding bands at the perfect price.

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