Best Selling Silver Wedding Bands 

best selling silver wedding bandsWhat makes best selling silver wedding bands so popular? For many, it’s their perfect blend of eye-catching style and exceptional value.

Sterling silver jewelry is often a favorite because of its versatility and cool gleaming finish. It’s also significantly more affordable than many other metals used for fine jewelry, allowing silver fans to purchase a piece that easily fits both their taste and their budget. The most popular sterling silver wedding rings showcase the best of both worlds: good looks and affordability.

Several best selling silver wedding bands call to mind a simpler time, utilizing authentic vintage designs. Apples of Gold’s Silver Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band exhibits exceptional craftsmanship. The personal care that was poured into creating this ring is evident in its demure floral motif, reminiscent of the Victorian era.

song of solomon wedding band silverOne of Apples of Gold’s best selling silver wedding bands, the Sterling Silver Song of Solomon Cross Wedding Band, add two meaningful touches to a piece that’s already rich with significance. A simple outline of a cross stands out against a polished band, a reminder of Jesus’ ultimate act of love on our behalf and our responsibility to love as He loved us. A Scripture verse is engraved on the inside of this ring; choose one from the list provided or select one that holds special meaning for you.

Like all of Apples of Gold’s sterling silver wedding rings, these best selling silver wedding bands are crafted from the highest quality silver that can be used for jewelry. Known as .925 sterling silver, this silver alloy contains small amounts of other metals to make it stronger—and better suited for jewelry—than pure silver.

silver paisley wedding bandIf low maintenance is a high priority for you, consider one of Apples of Gold’s best selling silver wedding bands made of argentium silver, a special type of .925 sterling silver that’s highly resistant to tarnish. The Silver Paisley Wedding Band Ring is a stunning example. It features an exquisite swirling carved motif, bordered by both beaded and highly-polished edges. This complementary contrast of textures speaks of sophistication and grace, with a luster that will last for the long haul.

Apples of Gold’s best selling silver wedding bands are popular for a reason: they provide sought-after styles at prices that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking for a delicate paisley motif or a simple but meaningful design, these much-loved rings deliver, leaving you cash to spare.

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