Advantages of Platinum Wedding Bands 

hammered platinum wedding bandAre you looking for a wedding ring that will stand the test of time? Consider platinum wedding bands! There are several advantages of platinum weddings bands that set them apart from other wedding jewelry and stand strong for generations to come.

Platinum is incredibly rare—in fact, it’s 30 times more rare than gold. Its scarcity makes it the perfect medium to communicate that you think the one you love is a rare treasure.

Platinum is also an ideal material for a ring that speaks of the beauty of your love. This metal is naturally white and doesn’t cast any color of its own onto a diamond, allowing the God-given gorgeous qualities of both the gem and the setting to become fully evident.

For those with sensitive skin, one of the biggest advantages of platinum wedding bands is their naturally hypoallergenic nature. They’re gentle on the skin as well as the eyes.

However, the advantages of platinum wedding bands aren’t limited to platinum’s rarity and beauty. This metal has true staying power: it never fades or tarnishes. In addition, because platinum is more dense than gold, it retains it shape over time, is resistant to wear and holds gemstones securely.

Since one of the advantages of platinum wedding bands is their ability to stand the test of time, rings with classic styles take on an even more timeless appeal when crafted from this long-lasting metal. Apples of Gold’s Platinum Hammered Wedding Band is destined to become a new classic. Its pounded texture over a brushed finish is set off by gleaming polished edges, creating a style that proves your good taste.

For a style that’s just as straightforward as a traditional plain band, but embodies a modern edge, consider the Platinum Square Wedding Band. Available in a brushed or polished finish, this geometric design makes an up-to-the minute statement of refinement.

celtic platinum wedding bandPlatinum is also an ideal material for Celtic wedding bands, and Apples of Gold carries a variety of styles that utilize the seamless, unbroken beauty of Celtic knots. For example, the Bowen Platinum Celtic Wedding Band features a three-dimensional interlocking design that’s a fitting symbol for two lives intertwining for life. The Platinum Celtic Heart Wedding Band Ring weaves symbols of love into a centuries-old motif, wrapping the wearer’s finger in a never-ending emblem of eternal devotion. This raised design stands in shining contrast to the band it rests upon.

From their rarity to their beauty to their staying power, the advantages of platinum wedding bands are many. These rings are symbols of an uncommonly beautiful love that will stand the test of time.

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