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Platinum Wedding Bands for Men

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Known as the most rare and precious of metals on Earth, platinum will always hold high status in the jewelry world. Mens platinum wedding bands, the epitome of prestige and luxurious quality, have long been sought after on the wedding scene. This fine metal, representing elegance in jewelry, appeals not only to women but to men as well. Read more.

While most are used to seeing the traditional gold wedding band, platinum has quickly gained popularity for wedding bands as well. In addition to its elegance, strength and durability are what define platinum. The mens platinum wedding bands offered by Apples of Gold demonstrate why this metal is so highly valued among grooms today. Varying in width, styles and designs, these bands offer a modern yet classic look to the man who wears it.

Apples of Gold also offers Mens platinum wedding bands with accents of 18K gold for added variety, style and originality. By mixing metals, you have the best of both worlds—the modern appeal of a white metal paired with the more traditional quality of the yellow gold. This is a ring that certainly makes a statement.

Though platinum is an ancient metal, it’s use in jewelry production is less than two centuries old. Thus it is a relatively younger metal than its gold and silver competitors in the sphere of wedding jewelry.

When shopping for mens platinum wedding bands, consider the following elements. Is your personal style more traditional? Then choose a classic platinum band with a brushed finish. Or are you looking for something more unique? Consider an intricate paisley design, a Celtic knot pattern, or a hammered finish. Further personalize your wedding band by engraving a Bible verse, the date of your wedding, or the name of your spouse.

Despite platinum’s higher price tag, this metal has its benefits. In addition to its fine appearance, platinum is also durable, long-wearing, hypoallergenic and resistant to tarnish. Unlike gold, which is an alloy, platinum is 100% pure. It is also a heavier metal due to its density.

Among all the options in wedding jewelry, mens platinum wedding bands promise complete satisfaction. For those who work with their hands and are rough on jewelry, platinum insures durability. For the man seeking luxury, platinum doesn’t disappoint. Consistent over time, platinum needs little maintenance. No other precious metal possesses qualities quite like platinum. Like your love for your wife, platinum is designed to last a lifetime and beyond.

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