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Diamond and Garnet Rings

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Apples of Gold’s collection of garnet and diamond rings offer welcome bursts of rich color. From styles with bold, sizeable stones to classic three-stone rings with a unique touch, these pieces impart a warm sense of style that’s been tested for over 5,000 years.

The name “garnet” comes from a word meaning “seed” or “grain” because of this gemstone’s resemblance to a pomegranate seed, and due to the naturally round shape of garnet when it’s found in nature. The Egyptians inlaid jewelry with garnets before 3100 B.C. Garnet is still loved today, and is sometimes referred to by nicknames such as the Arizona ruby, Arizona spinel, Montana ruby or New Mexico ruby.
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As the January birthstone, garnet offers a shot of color in month that’s usually associated with cold weather and short days. Like a cardinal stands out against the snow, garnet stands out no matter how it’s worn. When it’s combined with diamonds a contrast is created that makes garnet’s red color pop and the diamonds’ sparkle all the more evident. Garnet and diamond rings are a lovely way to honor your favorite person with a January birthday or to remember someone dear to you.

The deep, warm red of color of garnets is loved by many, regardless of their birthday. It calls to mind warmth and affection in a way that few other gems can. Garnet is a semi-precious gemstone that’s a more affordable alternative to another popular red stone: the ruby. A garnet ring often costs just half (or even less!) than a comparable style that features a ruby.

Garnets have a high refractive index, which gives them extraordinary brilliance. When paired with diamonds, the stone that’s know the world over for its ability to reflect light, pieces are created that demonstrate sensational sparkle. Garnet and diamond rings that utilize large emerald-cut or oval garnets accented by small diamonds allow the rich color and excellent sparkle of garnets to take the spotlight.

Unique heart-shaped cuts seem to have been created for garnets. Garnet and diamond rings that feature these shapes in the color traditionally associated with love and the heart make meaningful gifts for anyone who’s special to your heart.

Innovative designs such as these prove that while garnet is an ancient stone, it has no trouble keeping up with modern style. Two ancient gemstones combine in garnet and diamond rings, showcasing the lasting and radiant beauty of this pairing.

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