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Garnet Gemstone Engagement Rings

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If you’re looking for a way to express the depth of your love, garnet engagement rings are a beautiful and affordable option. Garnets communicate affection with a look that never grows old.

The use of garnet in jewelry is far from new: examples of garnet adornments have been found from as early as the Bronze Age. The ancient Egyptians also used this stone in jewelry, as did the Greeks and Romans. It’s no surprise that this gem has remained in favor for millennia—its color and sparkle give it an allure that surpasses any trends.

Garnet is the color associated with the heart, making it a fitting stone to express that you want to spend the rest of your life with the one you love. Its deep red hue communicates an affection that runs far deeper than the surface.
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Garnet is also the birthstone for the month of January, giving it extra appeal for women born in that month. However, its rich shade draws the eyes of many, regardless of the month of their birth. It’s hard to miss a garnet, rendering it a perfect stone to show your unmistakable love.

Compared to diamond rings, garnet engagement rings are significantly less expensive. Garnet is considered a semi-precious stone, and as such it’s more readily available, giving it a lower price tag.

Apples of Gold’s collection of garnet engagement rings offers designs that are delicate, bold and just about everything in between. Garnet stands out no matter the size or shape of the stone, adding elegance that’s hard to miss to range of styles.

Garnet adds a unique touch to vintage-style rings, adapting effortlessly to time-honored styles for a look that’s both old-fashioned and perfect for the present. Designs from the Victorian Era and the Art Deco period that feature this ancient stone are a unique option for any women whose sense of style surpasses passing trends.

Garnet three-stone rings and solitaires let this red gemstone be the star. These garnet engagement rings give an innovative twist to classic styles. Garnet solitaries also provide a unique take on tradition, making simple but daring statements.

Some garnet engagement rings combine garnets and diamonds, adding a touch of tradition back into engagement rings with a not-so-traditional stone. Available in styles from simple and classic to truly show-stopping, these rings pair a stone that says “forever” with a gem in the color of rich, true love.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle update on a classic look or a style that shouts how you feel, garnet engagement rings deliver. Garnet is bold yet refined, adding an extra touch of warm and affection to any engagement ring.

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