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Diamond and Peridot Rings

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Peridot and Diamond Rings »

Looking for a jewelry that’s full of life? Peridot and diamond rings are excellent picks!

Peridot is far from a newcomer on the jewelry scene. The ancient Egyptians used it by the second millennium B.C. and some historians think that some of the “emeralds” loved by Cleopatra were actually peridot.

Over a thousand years later, the Romans gave this gem the nickname “emerald of the evening” because of its unique ability to appear green in any light, even in the artificial light used after dusk. More than a millennia after that, in mediaeval times as well as in the Baroque period, it became a popular gemstone once more. In recent years, peridot has again gained popularity. In the 1990s, large deposits of this gemstone were found in the Kashmir region of Pakistan. Read more.

Despite the fact that it’s been compared to the emerald for thousands of years, peridot comes from an entirely different family of gemstones. It’s also much less expensive than the emerald, providing a similar color at a price that will leave you smiling.

Peridot is a type of a mineral known as olivine and its color is caused by the presence of iron. It’s one of a small handful of gemstones that naturally occurs in only one color—and what a color it is! The bright, lively appearance of this gem makes any jewelry that contains it stand out.

The vibrant hue of peridot makes it a perfect summer stone—it’s little wonder that it’s the birthstone for the month of August. Its lively green with a hint of gold calls to mind sun-drenched days and grassy fields.

“Crysolite,” as referred to in the Bible, is another name for peridot, a stone which was valued by the time of Moses. It was also precious in King Solomon’s time: when his beloved praises his appearance, she says, “His arms are rods of gold set with chrysolite” (Song of Songs 5:15).

Although olivine is fairly abundant in nature, gem-quality peridot is much less common. Thus, peridot and diamond rings are a fitting way to show that special someone that you think she is a rare gift.

Peridot and diamond rings add a sense of vibrancy and life to any occasion. The combination of peridot’s sunny, grassy color and diamonds’ ability to reflect light makes these pieces standouts. Like an endless summer, these rings provide a steady supply of lively style.

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