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Peridot Gemstone Engagement Rings

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Peridot Engagement Rings Ľ

peridot engagement ringsIf youíre looking for a unique way to express the love that fills you with life, Apples of Goldís collection of peridot engagement rings may hold just what youíre looking for. This untraditional engagement ring stone grabs the eye and will communicate the vibrancy your relationship.

The use of peridot in jewelry is nothing new. Itís been found in pieces of Egyptian jewelry dating back to the second millennium B.C., and some historians believe that it was a favorite of Cleopatra. The Romans were also fans of peridot, and nicknamed it the ďemerald of the eveningĒ due to its ability to keep its color in any light, even the dim, artificial light used after the sun went down. This gem reappeared as a popular pick both in medieval times and in the Baroque period, before gaining popularity again in more recent history and appearing in the form of peridot engagement rings.
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Peridot is a variety of the mineral olivine, and the name of this mineral hints at its color. Itís a bright, vivid green with a hint of gold, and peridot engagement rings gorgeously reveal this gemstoneís beauty. Itís one of the few gemstones that naturally occurs in just one color and its hue is caused by the presence of iron in its chemical makeup.

This sunny green stunner is also the modern birthstone for the month of August. However, the lush, vivid color is perfect for expressing a love thatís full of life for any women, no matter when she was born.

As an added bonus, peridot is significantly less expensive than another popular green stone, the emerald. Peridot engagement rings can cost less than half of what similar styles featuring emeralds cost.

Solitaire styles allow peridot to showcase its beauty, proving that itís more than capable of standing alone. However, peridot still attracts the limelight when accented by diamonds and a number of the rings in Apples of Goldís collection gorgeously combine these two stones in styles ranging from simple and classic to trendy and elaborate.

Peridot also breathes life into vintage engagement rings, combining designs from the past with a stone that proclaims that your love is alive and well today. These pieces are both fresh and timeless.

Peridotís bright, saturated color canít be missed, and peridot engagement rings boldly proclaim that your relationship is vibrant and alive. Giving such a ring is a promise that your love and commitment will always be full of life.

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