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Diamond and Amethyst Rings

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Are you looking for a ring that’s fit for royalty but that makes a statement that’s suitable for nearly any occasion? Consider Apples of Gold’s collection of amethyst and diamond rings! These pieces pair the rich, regal color of amethyst with the unmatched brilliance of diamonds in combinations ranging from subdued to bright and bold.

Amethyst is a member of the quartz family of semi-precious gemstones. However, it’s been considered precious by many for millennia. This gem was used in the time of Moses to adorn priestly garments and was sought after by the Russian empress Catherine the Great. The ancient Egyptians regarded them as a treasured gemstone, as did the ancient Romans who often engraved them.
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Amethyst serves as the February birthstone, adding a splash of color to an often colorless month. However, amethyst and diamond rings aren’t just for those born in February—they’re a year-round favorite loved by many regardless of their birthday.

If you’re seeking a gift for someone who deserves to be treated as a queen or a princess, look no further! Purple has long been associated with royalty and the violet color of amethyst has been a favorite of rulers and everyday jewelry lovers alike. Its hue is truly fit for a queen—and fit for everyday wear.

The contrast created between the rich, saturated color of amethyst and the colorless beauty of a diamond is well suited for both classic and modern styles. Tradition styles such as three-stone rings are given new life when interpreted in purple and white, while newer looks take on a timeless quality that gives them staying power. A number of innovative settings, as well as creative cuts in shapes such as hearts, make Apples of Gold’s collection of amethyst and diamond rings a perfect way to express you unique sense of style.

While amethysts are known for their violet hue, they aren’t always purple. Exposure to heat can change the color of amethyst, creating gems with beauty you don’t see every day. If you’re looking for a ring that offers a little something different, consider one of Apples of Gold’s amethyst and diamond rings that features a green amethyst. This unique gemstone has a cool green hue with a hint of sage that instantly mesmerizes.

The drama created by amethyst and diamond rings adds the perfect touch of regal beauty no matter the occasion. Their good looks and rich color will always speak of sophistication and style.

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