Blue Topaz and Diamond Rings

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Blue Topaz Diamond Rings

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Blue Topaz and Diamond Rings »

From show-stopping indigo gems to pink stones that practically sing for attention, the variety of looks created by blue topaz offer just the right amount of drama for any woman. Whether you gravitate toward blue gemstones or pink ones, Apples of Gold’s collection of blue topaz and diamond rings offers styles to fit any preference.

Apples of Gold’s blue topaz and diamond rings feature topaz in a number of colors. Pure topaz is gray, pale or has no color at all, but when it’s found in nature, it’s usually tinted by impurities. Read more.

Often, this gemstone is heat treated and irradiated to give it a range of blue colors. Many of Apples of Gold’s topaz jewelry features Swizz blue topaz, also known simply as “blue topaz.” Like an aquamarine, but richer and free of gray undertones, this sky-colored gem gives a serene yet vibrant feel to rings ranging from classic to modern and demure to attention-grabbing.

Several styles of Apples of Gold’s topaz and diamond rings showcase London blue topaz, the deepest shade of blue topaz. This stone’s rich, slightly steely hue is undeniably sophisticated. Its dark tone creates a striking contrast with the white sparkle of diamonds, causing each stone to stand out with greater power.

Apples of Gold also carries several topaz and diamond rings that feature the incredibly unique color of pink topaz. Like blue topaz, pink topaz is quite rare in nature. However, it, too, can be created from other colors of topaz in a lab, making this vibrant hue available at an affordable price.

Blue topaz and diamond rings offer many thoughtful options to honor any special person born in the month of November. Highlighting the birthstone for the month in which we focus on giving thanks, these pieces are definitely a reason to be grateful.

Each of these stunning, vibrant colors makes a statement, but exactly how much of a statement you make is up to you. Choose a style with just a touch of color for a more subtle look or choose a large, richly-hued gem accented by multiple diamonds in looks that will turn heads from across the room. Both traditional and innovative styles take on extra life when they feature the stunning combination of colored topaz and diamonds.

Apples of Gold’s blue topaz and diamond rings exhibit scene-stealing color played perfectly against the matchless brilliance of a diamond. No matter which color you choose, these rings are sure to add a burst of life.

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