Marquise Shaped Blue Topaz and Diamond Halo Ring

Marquise Shaped Blue Topaz and Diamond Halo Ring

Item # :AOGRG-125-BT
Retail Value: 1175.00


made in the USA

The Marquise-Shaped Blue Topaz and Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White Gold is a stylish choice for any woman. The generous marquise cut of the blue topaz is like a promise of a new day that you can wear everyday on your finger and have with you wherever you go. The light color of the stone gives a contemporary elegance to the ring like a modern-day twist on a traditional style of jewelry.

This ring simply resonates with light due to its striking blue topaz, shimmering diamonds, and polished white gold band. The marquise shape of the blue topaz (5mm by 10mm) allows for the stone's surface to absolutely absorb light, giving more depth and reflection to the stone like ripples in the blue ocean water. Surrounding the topaz is a halo of diamonds set into the ring in the same marquise pattern. The band is cast in 14k white gold and also includes a setting of diamonds on either side of the center stone

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