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Blue Topaz Gemstone Engagement Rings

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Blue Topaz Engagement Rings: A Moment to Outshine Time

The wedding tale begins with more than words. The gift of giving yourself over–where forever means eternal–comes in the wake of time spent in thought, time in tandem, time lingering in true adoration. You know the answer will be yes, you know when you lay yourself open, that the sparks will forever forge your bond. Read more.

Blue Topaz Engagement Rings carry gemstones in transparent hues of blue. They carry a message of immortality, forged in the fabric of creation, impenetrable, unbreakable and unyielding to harm. Once imparted onto a fingertip, slipped and turned, it marks a swearing to be each other’s keeper. The act of engagement made whole by this Blue Topaz Engagement Ring, one never to budge from its staid position.

The gem which christens the white golden ring heralds from the remote Flinders Island, a land habited by man since time before The Pyramids. It resonates as blue as the river Nile, beaming back prisms of light from the scores of tiny pyramids within its subsurface.

Your selection from our Blue Topaz Engagement Rings, created by the skilled hands will be the topic of converse. It will be what she looks to when she defines herself each day. With its giving and acceptance, she defines her being as your lifelong mate, the band a symbol in a world of uncertainly, that for you both there is certainty in your belonging to each other.

Will she like it? Will you woo and wow her with the symbol of your unending faith–that she is the one you wish to spend your life with? The question is rhetorical, her eyes will dance, her fervor with your intention to be her partner springing to her mind the ritual of the first wedding whirl. Her mandate to be the one by your side for the making of a happy home will be instilled in that moment. The sands of time unlocked, dispersed in interlinking remembrance and prophecy.

A moment where you make your mark, a moment that will be with you both perpetually. The moment where a Blue Topaz Engagement Ring symmetrical in its mimicking your oneness seals your mutual fate, will linger beyond The Pyramids’ crumble.

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