White Topaz Engagement Rings

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White Topaz Gemstone Engagement Rings

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white topaz engagement ringsWhether you’re looking for an affordable alternative to diamond engagement rings or seeking a subtle twist on classic styles, white topaz engagement rings offer a little something different without straying too far from tradition. White topaz has a look that’s similar to the classic diamond; it’s colorless and ranges from transparent to translucent. Because white topaz is nearly clear, it matches any outfit and complements any complexion, making it an ideal stone to wear every day. Whether set in white gold, yellow gold or a combination of the two, white topaz adapts to fit any mood.

Some believe that the word “topaz” comes from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “fire.” This is a fitting description as sparkle of this gem causes light to dance like a playful flame. It’s a wonderful way to reflect the love that burns in your heart and lights up your life. Read more.

White topaz engagement rings are an attractive option not only because of their looks, but also because of their price tag. A ring featuring white topaz often costs just a fraction of what a similar style with a diamond would cost—sometimes as little as a tenth of the cost of a comparable diamond ring.

Apples of Gold’s white topaz engagement rings feature several of the same designs and settings as their diamond engagement rings. They’re also made with the same commitment to quality and to offering you the best your money can buy.

The extreme affordability of white topaz makes it possible to purchase a sizeable stone without breaking the bank. A white topaz solitaire can easily turn heads, and it’s up to you if you want to let admirers of your jewelry know that the rock on your finger isn’t a diamond.

white topaz engagement ringSeveral of the white topaz engagement rings in Apples of Gold’s collection call to mind simpler times, when life moved at a slower pace. Victorian rings exhibit the femininity and grace that characterized women’s styles of that time, and the classic look of white topaz fits seamlessly with these designs from over a century ago. White topaz is also an excellent fit for Art Deco designs, alive with the shapes and lines of the Roaring ‘20s. However, white topaz isn’t just a solid pick for vintage rings. It also shines in modern designs that leave the past behind and set trends for the future.

Whether white topaz engagement rings appeal to you for their affordability or their versatile beauty, Apples of Gold’s collection will provide the perfect ring at the perfect price. These pieces symbolize the love that burns inside you, without burning a hole in your wallet.

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