Aquamarine and Diamond Rings

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Diamond and Aquamarine Rings

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Whether their look calls to mind the peaceful feeling of the ocean or the color of a loved one’s eyes, aquamarine and diamond rings beckon with an almost unexplainable appeal. The name “aquamarine” comes from two Latin words: “aqua” (which means “water”) and “mare” (which means “the sea”). This mesmerizing gem really can look like clear ocean waters and its calm yet striking color holds a unique allure. Gazing into a glimmering aquamarine is much like watching gentle ocean waves as its light blue crystals draw in and soothe the eye.

When this gemstone is paired with diamonds in aquamarine and diamond rings, the result is a stunning combination that calls to mind a glittering Caribbean bay. The matchless brilliance of diamonds provides the perfect accent to a stone that resembles the sea, adding extra bursts of light to create truly luminous pieces.
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The fresh blue color of aquamarine complements nearly any skin tone, as do diamonds with their colorless sparkle. Whether you choose a ring with modest stones or one that’s undeniably bold, it’s sure to flatter. This soft, cool, sophisticated gemstone combination never fails to look chic and is always appropriate.

The appeal of aquamarine is nothing new. The Sumerians, Egyptians and Romans all greatly valued this gem. It was even associated with the Apostle Thomas, because he made journeys by sea to preach the gospel.

Aquamarine and diamond rings are ideal gifts for any special lady born in March—aquamarine is the gemstone for this month when spring finally starts to appear. However, these rings hold appeal for nearly any woman; as the ancient philosopher Pliny said, aquamarine “has charms not to be denied.”

Aquamarine is in beryl family of gemstones—the same family of gemstones to which the emerald belongs. However, in far more instances than its green relative, aquamarine is almost completely free of flaws, known as inclusions. This gem’s hardness protects it from a majority of scratches and keeps it shining beautifully as the years pass.

Apples of Gold’s collection of aquamarine and diamond rings is designed to last. Apples of Gold has a high standard of quality which is fully evident in these pieces. They’ll look gorgeous today and for generations to come.

From sizeable cushion-cut aquamarines accented with diamonds to more demure combinations, aquamarine and diamond rings offer cool, soothing style. Like a sparkling ocean, these pieces make it hard to pull your eyes away.

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