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Aquamarine Gemstone Jewelry

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Aquamarine Jewelry: 'Water of the Sea' »

Are you a March Birthday or do you just admire the exquisite Aquamarine? Who could blame you? With eye-catching beauty and an icy glean Aquamarine is a timeless gem - so much so that, in ancient times, the semi-precious stone was referred to as a mermaid’s treasure. Bring home your very own Aquamarine jewelry to treasure or, better yet, give one to your beloved to treasure today, tomorrow, and for many years to come. Read more.

The name “Aquamarine” is derived from the Latin root, meaning “water of the sea.” This is a fitting description for the lovely pale blue gem which lures its owner into a calming presence as much as the sea itself. The stunning jewel compliments every look with elegant versatility.

Apples of Gold showcases a premier collection of Aquamarine jewelry in a variety of styles to please every taste, style, and budget. An elegant Aquamarine ring, pendant, or set of earrings make the perfect gift for a March birthday, anniversary, engagement, or any occasion. Because of its multi-faceted color scale from pale to Icy blue Aquamarine is a favorite gem amongst top jewelry designers.

Apples of Gold is proud to offer the highest quality of Aquamarine jewelry. Whether you intend to set it in platinum, gold, or silver, we can help choose the perfect eye-catching stone to add to your collection. For the truly classic look, we can easily accent your Aquamarine with diamonds. The precious stones work well together to complement and enhance each other to achieve a perfect overall look.

Pendants are in trend this season and an Aquamarine pendant is sure to dazzle the senses! Mingled with tanzanite, Aquamarine creates a look that will capture your imagination and exceed your expectation. Of course, all of our Aquamarine jewelry is hand-crafted with the customer in mind so if you desire elegant studs, or a look with a bit more pizazz, be sure to check out our wide array of Aquamarine earring styles.

For ring-wear, tell your love that your feelings are as deep as the ocean with a one-of-a-kind Aquamarine gift of beauty that she will always hold dear and wear with pride. Beautiful Aquamarine jewelry is the perfect solution for all your gift giving needs this holiday season!

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