Aquamarine Jewelry Yellow Gold

aquamarine jewelry yellow goldYellow Gold Aquamarine Rings from Apples of Gold Jewelry are a stunning way to show off your favorite gemstone! Beautiful light greyish blue Aquamarine gemstones shine when set in a yellow gold band, and are available in a variety of different cuts, including round, oval, Princess cut, and Cushion cut. The Aquamarine gemstones are authentic gemstones, with a value that goes above and beyond, with free shipping and a generous 45 day return policy that Apples of Gold Jewelry is famous for!

Along with the soft blue Aquamarine gemstones, some of the rings offer sparkling diamonds that really help the stones shine! The warm yellow gold color compliments the Aquamarine gemstones, allowing the beauty of the stones to break through.

Whether your birthday is in March and you want to celebrate with your birthstone, or if you just fell in love with the soft blue color of the stones, Aquamarine rings make for a wonderful addition to your jewelry wardrobe. These beautiful rings come in several different styles, including single stone rings, two and three stone rings, vintage, and statement rings that are sure to add a little extra extravagance and sparkle to any occasion.

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Yellow Gold Aquamarine Jewelry

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