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Ruby Diamond Rings

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Ruby and Diamond Rings »

Both rubies and diamonds have long been prized as stones of incredible value. Ruby and diamond rings showcase both of these timeless gems, demonstrating that not only can old gems continue to impress, but that they can learn new tricks.

As a gemstone that communicates warmth, the ruby is a fitting birthstone for the month of July. Its fire-like hue and excellent ability to reflect light communicate both affection and passion in bold, dramatic fashion.

Red is the color that’s associated with love and the heart, and jewelry containing this gem has been given as a symbol of affection for thousands of years. The ruby has been greatly prized since the very earliest of biblical times, and King Solomon compared a virtuous wife to this stone, showing that she was of great worth. Read more.

Rulers around the world have desired rubies and its regal appeal is undeniable—the Sanskrit word for ruby is means, roughly, 'king of the gemstones.” However, its beauty isn’t relegated to royalty.

Along with the sapphire and the emerald, both the ruby and the diamond belong to the group of four traditional precious gemstones. Their beauty has never gone out of style, and it likely never will.

Although rubies have been treasured for thousands of years, it’s only in recent years that scientists discovered that the ruby is related to the sapphire—both gems are varieties of the mineral corundum. The ruby’s color comes from small amounts of chrome present in this mineral. The word “ruby” is synonymous with the color red, and is frequently used to describe a hue that’s the most crimson of crimsons.

Rubies are very hard—they’re second in hardness only to a diamond—and thus very durable, rendering them ideal symbols of a love that will last and remain vibrant through the trials of life. They’re also extremely rare and incredibly brilliant; this rarity and sparkle makes ruby and diamond rings ideal ways to communicate a love that is precious and that fills your life with light.

Diamonds are the perfect complement to rubies. They provide the ultimate in luminosity and durability, and when used as accents for the classic red gem, they make the vibrant red color and sparkle of rubies even more exceptional.

Ruby and diamond rings are bold, sophisticated and timeless. While their styles range from vintage to modern to classic, the consistent beauty of these stones transcends trends.

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