Christian Wedding Bands for Marriage 

i am my beloved's wedding bandChristian wedding bands aren’t just for a wedding—they’re for a marriage. For a believer in Christ, marriage is a lifelong commitment to love and submit to one another. When a man and woman become “one flesh” they enter into a covenant before God, and Christian wedding bands reflect this promise to remain faithful for life.

Hebrews 13:4 tells us that “Marriage is honorable among all.” It’s to be held in the highest regard. The unity between a husband and wife was mandated by God and rings that call to mind this unity hold special significance for Christian couples. The “I am Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine” Wedding Band declares that the two of you belong to one another. Taken from Song of Songs 6:3, the graceful script engraved on this ring describes the manner in which a husband and wife give themselves to each other and live not for themselves, but for their spouse.

song of solomon wedding bandMarriage brings together two imperfect people and it’s only by God’s grace that a husband and wife can overcome selfishness to put the other first. Christian wedding bands that serve as reminders of God’s ultimate act of grace in sending His Son also remind the wearers of the selfless love that spouses are to have for each other. For example, the 14K White Gold Crown of Thorns Ring uses a modern black thorn motif to call to mind Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf.

The symbol of the cross is used in a number of Christian wedding bands, serving as a constant picture of the priority you place on your faith and of your dependence on Christ to love as He does:titanium cross wedding band

  • Apples of Gold’s Titanium Cross Wedding Band places a single cross on a flat band, creating a simple but unmistakable statement of faith. Choose a completely natural look or one with a cross in white, black, blue or green, and select the finish that best suits your taste: polished or satin, for a more subdued shine.
  • The Artistic Cross Wedding Band in 14K white gold spreads numerous etched crosses around a brushed band. This modern style is understated but eye-catching.
  • If you’d prefer a more elaborate take on a cross, consider Apples of Gold’s Jerusalem Cross Wedding Band in 14K yellow gold. Its intricate repeating design blends the Crusader’s Cross with the Tau or Greek Cross.

Christian wedding bands aren’t just a fashion statement or solely a symbol of eternity. They’re a reminder of a lifelong love that is made possible by a loving God.

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