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mens solid gold cross pendant necklaceWhen your life is changed by your faith, it shows in everything you do and others take notice. Christian jewelry is an outward expression of the beliefs that give your life purpose and that guide your every move.

Apples of Gold offers a number of top-quality pendants and rings that allow you to make a statement with your jewelry, not only of your sense of style but also of the faith that is central to your life. Unlike much of the Christian jewelry on the market today, these pieces aren’t mere costume jewelry; rather they’re crafted with care from high-quality materials.

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Cross pendants are the most popular type of Christian jewelry and a wide variety of styles make it possible for you to display a symbol of what you believe in a way that coordinates with your unique look. From bold, simple styles to clean, innovative modern looks to pendants that add extra touches of symbolism, the message of the cross shines through.

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cross of nails pendant necklaceApples of Gold’s Men’s 14K Gold Polished Cross Pendant is a prime example of simple style carried out with the upmost commitment to quality and attention to detail. While there are many basic crosses on the market, this one stands above the rest, and many have taken notice: it’s Apples of Gold’s bestselling men’s cross pendant. Unlike many pieces that appear similar, this cross is crafted of solid gold—it’s not hollow or gold plated. At 1 ¼” tall, this pendant’s clean style will profess your faith with simple strength.

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The Cross of Nails Pendant in 14K Gold adds an extra shade of meaning to the symbol of the cross, creating a memorial of Christ’s sacrifice from three golden nails. This powerful piece will serve as a continual reminder that He suffered for us so that we could know true life.

Two graceful arcs connected by a diamond form the Diamond Solitaire Cross Pendant in 14K White Gold. This modern, minimalistic design appears simultaneously spontaneous and intentional. At just over ¾” tall, this pendant is subdued, elegant and feminine.

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Cross pendants aren’t the only way to express your faith through your jewelry, however. Apples of gold also offers a number of rings for both men and women that features symbols of Christianity. Choose a cross or another expression of faith for a style with spiritual significance.

The Women’s Diamond Cross Ring wraps the wearer’s finger with a sparkling statement of faith. A diamond-studded cross follows the curve of this ring, creating a look that’s pretty and that packs a powerful message. Cross rings aren’t just for ladies, however, and the Diamond Cross Ring in 14K White Gold is an excellent example of men’s style with a message. Six diamonds form a cross on a piece that’s strong, masculine and timeless.

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For a constant reminder of what Christ suffered on our behalf, consider the 14K White Gold Crown of Thorns Ring. A modern, stylized crown of thorns is engraved in black against a smooth, polished white gold band for a look that’s contemporary with a bit of an edge.

womens diamond cross ringThe Christian Ichthus Ring in 14K Gold combines two symbols of faith. A thin cross is set inside of an ichthus (a.k.a. the “Christian fish”), an emblem used by the early church. At a little over a half inch tall, this ring is just bold enough.

If your faith is central to your life, why not express it with one of Apples of Gold’s pieces of gold Christian jewelry? Whether you want your statement to whisper or shout, there’s a ring or pendant that captures the difference that Christ has made in your life.

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