Gold Religious Jewelry 

gold religious jewelryGold religious jewelry gives you a way to express your faith and your sense of style. As a precious metal, gold signifies something of importance and worth. What better medium than gold to symbolize the centrality of faith to your life?

Gold Crosses and Gold Crucifixes may well be the most popular form of gold religious jewelry. Apples of Gold carries a wide selection of styles for both men and women. Unlike many of the crosses on the market today, these pieces are high-quality and made to last. Jesus gave His life once and for all and because of that we have a hope that will never fade—why not commemorate His gift to you with a cross that’s designed to retain its beauty?

Several styles embellish these crosses with diamonds or other gemstones such as rubies or onyx. These pieces turn symbols of faith into objects of beauty. Some gold religious jewelry combines crosses with hearts, crown of thorn motifs and other symbols that add significance and serve as reminders of why you believe what you believe. Other styles utilize centuries-old Celtic designs; these knots, which symbolize eternity, are perfect symbols of never-ending hope.

Gold religious jewelry isn’t limited to the ever-popular cross, however. A number of other motifs can express the importance of your beliefs and the centrality of the truths that shape you. For example, the Star of David shows up in several styles, representing both heritage and faith. Pendants and rings that feature doves utilize a biblical symbol of peace and the presence of God. A dove returned to Noah’s ark with an olive branch in its mouth, a sign that the floodwaters were receding, and the Holy Spirit descended like a dove after Jesus was baptized. When you see a dove around your neck or on your finger, it can call to mind both the peace that Jesus offers and the fact that God is always with you—you’re never alone.

crown of thorns crossIf you’d rather keep God’s word close at hand, consider one of Apples of Gold’s rings engraved with a Bible verse. Or, chose a style embellished with a cross, such as Apples of Gold’s crown of thorns cross or other meaningful motif.
Apples of Gold’s high commitment to quality and integrity in all they do means that their gold religious jewelry is suited to pass on to future generations. Like the legacy of faith you build, these pieces are made to endure from generation to generation. They’re fitting symbols of lasting faith.

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