Gemstone Jewelry: Amethyst to White Topaz 

london blue topaz art deco gemstone ringColor is always in style when it comes to beautiful jewelry, and the perfect way to introduce this splash of fashion is through a gorgeous gemstone piece. Gemstone jewelry offers plenty of diverse choices, from dark, rich hues to bright, sparkling colors. With colors from literally all over the rainbow, gemstone jewelry is the perfect fit for any purchase. Gemstone jewelry also offers an abundance of choices in terms of a stone’s cut. Choices include the classically stunning styles like the princess cut, or the uniquely charming options like the pear cut. With this wonderful range of colors and styles, gemstone jewelry is an obvious choice for fashionable adornment.

Amethyst Jewelry

amethyst diamond engagement gemstone ringAmethyst jewelry takes top honors for its gorgeous purple hues and excellent sparkle factor. These gems show off a range of purple tones from deep and regal violet to a shimmering, lighter hue. Personal style is easy to find within the amethyst’s broad scope of purple color. The versatility of this stone isn’t the only reason it’s an excellent choice—it’s also one of the most affordable gems. Amethyst gemstones offer a semi-precious status that won’t bust a jewelry budget. February is a great month to gift a piece of amethyst jewelry as it’s the birthstone for that month, and it’s also a wonderful choice for Valentine’s Day because it conveys something more unique than just a red rose. Amethysts offer delicate beauty but will last throughout a lifetime in a graceful style.

Aquamarine Jewelry

aquamarine and diamond ring white goldAquamarine gemstones are another stunning beauty when it comes to gemstone jewelry. This stone offers a truly lovely light blue color that is sometimes tinged with the slightest hint of green. These stones are clearly a charming choice for any type of jewelry, from fabulous rings to gorgeous earrings. Aquamarine’s name comes from Latin language and channels the beauty of sparkling blue sea into every gemstone piece. Aquamarine jewelry is a fantastic choice for anyone with a March birthday since it’s that month’s birthstone. The inspirational beauty of this gemstone makes it a prized stone for any piece of jewelry. The color of a serene aquamarine stone instantly updates and elevates anyone it adorns, making it a standout choice for all personal styles.

Citrine Jewelry

For a stone with a flash of brilliant sunlight turn to the always-lovely citrine gemstone. This bright stone offers an altogether sunnier view of life, and of jewelry, with its rich yellow color. Citrine gemstone jewelry is a part of the quartz family of gemstones, making it generally more affordable. The beauty of a sun-filled day lives in every stone, which makes this gemstone perfect as the November birthstone when everyone needs a much-deserved dose of bright color. The beauty of this stone is complemented by its durable nature and it offers a wonderful choice for a bold, dazzling gemstone look. Even those with a more conservative style will appreciate the warming color and dazzling look of a well-cut citrine gemstone. Making citrine jewelry a staple in your jewelry collection is a sure-fire way to brighten your day, too.

Emerald Jewelry

emerald stud earrings white goldEmerald gemstones bring a world of verdant color to any piece of jewelry they grace. With a truly rich hue, the emerald gem gets its remarkable color from the element of chromium within the stone. The deep green colors that emerald gemstone jewelry shows off are perfect to present as a token of life and love for any special occasion or as an everyday gift. This classic gemstone is part of the beryl family of gemstones and is well known as a jewelry staple in the world of precious and semi-precious gemstones. The emerald is also known as May’s birthstone, which it serves well as a symbol of abundant life. Sophisticated in style and stunning in its own right, emerald jewelry offers itself as fabulous choice for every occasion.

Garnet Jewelry

garnet heart ring vintage filigree white goldScarlet, crimson, burgundy, and red are all excellent choices to describe the superb color of a garnet gem, but this stone holds a hue all its own. Deeply beautiful and striking in style, the garnet gemstone instantly captivates with its exquisite elegance. This gemstone is a wonderful choice for many kinds of jewelry and shines in a variety of styles. Whether the jewelry is modern and sleek or vintage and ornate, garnet gemstones add a decided flair to each jewelry piece. The garnet gemstone is actually a semi-precious gem, making it a gorgeous and affordable choice for any jewelry occasion. Garnet jewelry can make a statement whether it’s a single, small stone set in a pendant or a larger cluster of fabulous gems.

Peridot Jewelry

oval cut peridot diamond ringPeridot gemstones speak of a beauty that’s seen in a summer’s day, warm and full of life. This stone shows off a light green color and all the sparkle of sunlight on the water. Peridot gems are paired with sunny August for their birthstone month and the match appears to be made in heaven. The playful green color makes it an ideal choice for all kinds of jewelry, from birthstone gifts to gemstone rings. The peridot’s charming color and sparkling properties have made it a prized stone for thousands of years, and with its charming color, it’s easy to see why. Stunning at every angle, peridot gemstones offer just the right amount of lively color without being too flashy.

Ruby Jewelry

cross heart ruby diamond ringRosy red is one way to describe the color of a ruby gemstone, but roses don’t have the colorful sparkle like this precious stone. Rubies offer a classic choice in gemstone jewelry, but their color and shine is anything but ordinary. Lighter than a garnet in color, a ruby gemstone offers a touch of whimsy to any piece but still shows a seriously superior red color. Ruby jewelry is one of the four traditionally known precious gemstones in jewelry and is popular in a variety of styles, including as the birthstone for the month of July. A single ruby can take the center spotlight with ease, or a row of rubies can make for the perfect look on a ring. The options abound with this wonderful red stone.

Sapphire Jewelry

sapphire bridal wedding ring set silverWorn on the fingers of royals and romantics alike, the deep blue hue of a sapphire stone is one that can’t go unnoticed. This alluring gemstone is an excellent pick for any type of jewelry, from modest pieces with just a hint of blue to ornate, luxurious pieces fit for a queen (or king, for that matter). Sapphire jewelry is also included as one of the four traditional precious gemstones, and as a part of this classic category, sapphire jewelry will remain a staple in jewelry collections throughout the ages. The beauty of sapphire jewelry is that it offers a bold, brilliant color without being over-the-top flashy. These blue gems offer the perfect fit for elegant style or those who want just a bit of edge in their next piece of jewelry.

Tanzanite Jewelry

three stone tanzanite ring white goldFor a truly distinctive look, tanzanite jewelry is the only way to go. This exotically found and rare-looking gemstone offers a new kind of beauty for the world of jewelry. With an uncommon blue-purple hue, tanzanite jewelry quickly makes its mark in your personal collection of treasures. The stone’s appeal is also marked by the innate sparkle from this absolutely vibrant stone. It also features an exclusive location for its origin, making each gem a rarity in itself. Tanzanite jewelry can take on many different forms and still remain distinctly beautiful because of its special color and gorgeous sparkle. Tanzanite gems bring an obvious “wow factor” to any piece of jewelry, and they particularly shine as the center of a piece, like an engagement ring or other special band. Tanzanite jewelry isn’t limited to rings, though. It’s also perfect for colorful earrings, pendants, and more.

White Topaz Jewelry

white topaz bridal ring set silverWhite gemstones have long been heralded as the ultimate staple in jewelry fashion. With a clean, brilliant look and a neutral color, white topaz gemstones are a fabulous choice for any jewelry. These gemstones are a great pick as a diamond alternative because they offer all of the beauty and shine of diamond but without the larger price tag. White topaz stones offer a solid pick all on their own. These gemstones capture light and reflect it for a stunning shimmer that elevates any type of jewelry. White topaz jewelry is also an excellent choice for various personal styles. With the gem’s neutral color tone, you can be white topaz will fit within conservative and unconventional styles alike.

Gemstone rings and jewelry offer a range of gorgeous colors and fantastic shine, and each type of gemstone brings its own unique qualities. Some provide just the right amount of color, whereas others pop with a burst of hue that only gemstone jewelry can bring. The versatility of gemstone jewelry is evident everywhere, since the stones can be cut, shaped, and set into an abundance of awe-inducing patterns in a variety of pieces. It’s easy to make gemstone jewelry part of your personal style because of the variety of these precious and semi-precious stones. Gemstone jewelry also offers a diverse price range to suit a broad scope of personal budgets, making it an ideal choice for any jewelry purchase.

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