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Citrine Gemstone Jewelry

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Matching the Changing of the Leaves: Citrine Jewelry

With a color matching the changing of the leaves, and representing the fall season, Citrine Jewelry is rising in status, and is also a wonderful way to show your love to a special someone. Not only the birthstone of the month of November, it’s also a sunny, gorgeous stone year round. Read more.

What most people don’t know about citrine is that it is a very rare stone and most citrine that is available was transformed from amethysts. Found mostly in Brazil, the amethysts found are treated by heat, which gives the stone a color that varies in many shades of yellow, yellow-brown, orange-brown to reddish-brown. Beginning its life as a completely different kind of quartz, citrine is known to be one of the most unique gemstones.

With its many different shades of yellow, citrine is one of the few precious gems that possess these sunny and warm hues. While many also think of a yellow diamond when it comes to a gem with this yellowy accent, those gems are extremely hard to come by and unaffordable to most. Citrine is a wonderfully affordable and equally as stunning gem fit for that special someone.

The citrine jewelry offered by Apples of Gold, captures this one-of-a-kind stone in all different styles. From a dazzling ring with a white gold band and citrine stone, to sterling silver and citrine dangle earrings; these pieces will be sure to satisfy that special woman in your life on any occasion. Other stunning pieces include cuff bracelets framing a dramatic citrine stone or for simpler tastes, classic, solitaire studs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Another unique characteristic of this stone is its versatility—perfect for all seasons. Varying in shades, citrine jewelry in a more lemony-yellow color is ideal for spring and summer while the more orange-tinted stones complement the shades of fall and winter perfectly. With the variety of hues to choose from, citrine sparkles at any time of year.

This stone also represents many special occasions and makes a perfect gift. While many people associate topaz with the month of November, citrine is the official birthstone of the eleventh month. Citrine is also the accepted gem for 13th and 17th wedding anniversaries. This is another opportune time to give the gift of citrine jewelry to commemorate years spent with your loved one.

Because of its versatility and multiple meanings, citrine is a gemstone that is easy to appreciate. Whether you’re celebrating a life or a life spent together, this is the stone that says it all.

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