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Citrine Gemstone Stud Earrings

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Citrine Stud Earrings »

No matter what the weather is like, citrine stud earrings add a burst of sunshine to your look! Whether the day is gray and dreary or flooded with light, these pieces add vibrant color to your ears and brighten your face. Read more.

It’s no coincidence that “citrine” sounds like “citrus”: the name of this warmly glimmering gemstone comes from the French word for “lemon.” Lemon-colored is a fitting description of citrine, as the hue of this gem truly does resemble a ripe piece of this citrus fruit. Citrine stud earrings aren’t only winning picks because of their color, however; the gem they feature is known for its brilliant sparkle, reflecting light in a way that calls to mind dazzling rays of sunlight.

The golden color of citrine gives it an appearance similar to that of topaz, and this gem is sometimes even referred to as “gold topaz”; however, this stone comes from a completely different family of gems than the oranges-yellow stone for which it’s sometimes mistaken. Citrine is a type of quartz and is more abundant in nature than many gemstones; since this gem is found fairly frequently, the pieces of citrine that make their way into jewelry such as citrine stud earrings have very few flaws. In addition, as a type of quartz, citrine is able to resist scratches, making pieces that contain it able to stand up to a bit of wear.

As a semiprecious gemstone, citrine is a relatively affordable pick; thus, citrine stud earrings are wallet-friendly ways to add a bit of sunny sparkle to your look. They also make slightly unexpected but much appreciated gifts for anyone with a vibrant sense of style.

The metal that’s used in the setting of citrine stud earrings subtly contributes to the personality of each pair. When citrine is set in timeless 14K yellow gold, it takes on an even warmer hue as the color of this metal is reflected within its facets, creating an appearance that’s almost glowing. In contrast, settings of 14K white gold or platinum add a touch of cool sophistication that allows the warm glitter of citrine to stand out and take the spotlight.

The classic styling of stud earrings makes them perpetually classy pieces, and pairs that feature citrine provide a warm, lively edge to a timeless design. These pieces will never fail to add sunshine to your style and wake up your look with their golden sparkle.

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