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Citrine Silver Jewelry

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Believed by some Biblical scholars to be the tenth of the twelve stones in Aaron’s breastplate in the book of Exodus, the citrine was also prized for its bright translucent yellow hue in Ancient Greece. Those Hellenistic-emulators the Ancient Romans selected precious citrines for use in their distinctive intaglio (carved) jewelry. The Celts and Scots used citrine for an amulet against the plague and later, it was a popular ornament called a cairn stone in the hilt of the Scottish sgian duhb, a dagger or dirk. Queen Victoria’s fascination with Scottish customs brought the citrine into the height of fashion as a prized jewel for women of the highest rank. Citrines were showcased in romantic settings reminiscent of Scottish motifs and graced everything from shoulder brooches to lavish necklaces. Silver citrine jewelry is the perfect modern gift for the Scottish lass …or the woman who loves the legends of the Highlands, Victorian style or even adores the historical romances of Diana Gabaldon’s wildly popular Outlander series. Read more.

Silver citrine jewelry, whether chosen for its sunny golden color or its supposed talismanic properties to attract wealth, is a playful and romantic choice. Rooted in the elegance of Victorian England but bright and contemporary enough to attract young girls who would love a drop of crystallized sunlight in their earrings, silver citrine jewelry is a versatile and lovely gift. The allusion to citrine in the breastplate of Aaron in the Bible adds a meaningful dimension to a cross pendant blazing with a citrine stone, while a citrine ring calls to mind the warmth of the summer sun.

Youthful and vibrant, silver citrine jewelry adds a splash of color and a slight Scottish flair to any style of fashion. Choose a romantic, detailed setting for the Victorian aficionado or Highland lass, or a simple pendant for the modern Outlander fan or sunny-tempered beauty.

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