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Citrine Silver Rings

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Citrine is an alternate birthstone for those lucky autumn ladies with November birthdays. The piercing translucent gold of a captured sunbeam, citrine is shown to its greatest advantage in a stunning silver setting. If an Art Deco ring can be found, citrine brings the flavor of F. Scott Fitzgerald—the sort of bauble that would adorn a flapper in 1920s Paris, catching the blaze of electric lights in a crowded ballroom and refracting shards of sunlight on the dancers as they swiveled to the Charleston in their Jazz Age glory. Silver citrine rings call to mind that glittering era in history and are the perfect gift for the Gatsby fan or glamor girl in your life. Read more.

Instead of bestowing the more traditional and darker autumnal topaz on your November birthday girl, give her a birthstone with a modern twist—a silver citrine ring, the younger, brighter alternative. Instead of evoking the warmth of harvest like the burnished topaz, citrine captures the last brilliant rays of sunshine on a chilly fall picnic, those days when you need sunglasses as well as your heavy jacket. The last light of summer before it wanes into cold short days, the yellow citrine holds the memory of that warmth.

Silver citrine rings have a feminine luster, like the marigolds and primroses in nature crystallized to adorn your beloved’s hand. Dazzling clear yellow citrine gleams in the whiteness of a silver setting, whether elaborate or minimalist, and makes for a unique and memorable present. It is as if a sliver of summer survives, valiant and cheerful and wrapped around her finger…just the way she’s wrapped you around her finger as well.

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