Why Men’s Celtic Wedding Bands Can Make Strong Statements 

Antiqued Celtic Triquetra Trinity Knot Wedding BandCeltic knots have been around for at least 1,500 years, and there’s a reason why these motifs have endured throughout the centuries. They’re strong designs that can convey equally strong messages, and men’s Celtic wedding bands harness this power to create messages of love with fortitude and class.

Although the original meaning of Celtic knots is unknown, many have adopted them as symbols of eternity due to their never-ending nature. Thus, they’re natural representations of love that never ceases, and can serve as reminders of an undying commitment to the one to whom you say “I do.”

Kendrick Celtic Wedding Band, 14K Two-Tone GoldCeltic wedding bands convey a sense of strength that endures like few other designs can. The 14K White Gold Celtic Shield Wedding Band intersperses a Celtic knot motif with a round shield-like design, creating a looks that says you’re willing to fight for your love. Smooth polished edges bind the elements of this ring to form a unified statement.

Celtic knots have been used by many to not only to symbolize eternity but also to make statements of faith—messages that are inherently powerful. For instance, the triquerta, a three-looped Celtic knot, has often been used to represent the trinity, and its presence on wedding bands serves as a reminder that you and the one you love are joined and held together in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Antiqued Celtic Triquetra Trinity Knot Wedding Band features this meaningful motif repeated on all sides, and a black antiqued finish makes the polished knot pop into the foreground. While the design is simple, it contains a rich symbol of the One who makes true love possible.

Green Titanium Celtic Knot Wedding BandDespite their longstanding status as design elements, Celtic knots take well to modern adaptations that give these time-honored motifs a contemporary, edgy twist. The Kendrick Celtic Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold is a prime example as it gives an angular look to an infinity knot, a symbol of eternity that powerfully expresses love without end. This shining 14K yellow gold knot pops against a 14K white gold band.

For a take on Celtic style that’s fresh and streamlined, don’t miss Apples of Gold’s selection of titanium Celtic wedding bands. In the Green Titanium Celtic Knot Wedding Band, a repeating unbroken infinity knot adds an unexpected pop of color: this hourglass-like motif is accented with green enamel. Select a polished or a brushed finish, as well as your choice of width, for a look that suits you perfectly.

Carys Celtic Knot Wedding Band 14K White GoldThe Carys Celtic Knot Wedding Band 14K White Gold is another stunning modern adaptation of Celtic style. “Carys” means “little fair love,” but don’t let that name fool you into thinking that this is a demure, bashful style. While it can easily serve as a symbol of your fair little love, its design is big and bold, as it takes a three-dimensional approach to a time-honored knot design. Strong angles and curves combine to form a look that’s slightly architectural and always eye-catching.

Men’s wedding bands that feature Celtic knot exude strength, both in their design and in the messages they convey. For expressing a love that’s in it for the long haul, they come out on top.


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