Platinum Hammered Wedding Bands: Strong & Precious Love 

platinum hammered wedding band ringHammered wedding rings crafted in platinum symbolize a love that’s both strong and incredibly precious. The pounded look of platinum hammered wedding bands communicates resilience while adding a textural touch with a rugged edge.

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The medium from which these rings are made also holds meaning. Platinum is an incredibly precious metal. At 30 times more rare than gold, it’s an ideal way to communicate a love that’s far from common. This metal is also prized for its naturally bright, white color that, like your love, never fades or tarnishes. In addition, platinum is quite dense, making it resistant to wear and tear, and symbolic of the resilience of your relationship.

Apples of Gold’s selection of platinum hammered wedding bands spans the style spectrum, from basic and understated to considerably classy. Find your place on this spectrum to find your perfect pick.

platinum hammered wedding band ringScale can make a big difference in the look of platinum hammered wedding bands, as demonstrated by two bands with similar styles but different widths: the 4mm Platinum Hammered Wedding Band and the 8mm Platinum Hammered Wedding Band. While these rings are identical except for their widths, they give off two distinct sensibilities. The 4mm ring is sleek and understated, while the 8mm version is bold, with a texture that takes more of the spotlight. However, despite the differences in the moods cast by each of these bands, either would be an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking to wear a picture of resilience and rarity.

A number of hammered styles contain design elements that add a more polished sensibility, both literally and figuratively. The Platinum Hammered Wedding Band takes pounded style up a notch as double polished edges set off the brushed hammered center of this 8.5mm ring, creating a look that equally mixes ruggedness and refinement.

platinum domed hammered wedding band ringFor a platinum hammered wedding band that moves even further up the ladder of class, take a look at the Platinum Domed Hammered Wedding Band. This upscale design combines the rough-hewn appeal of pounded texture with a big dose of sophistication. A rounded center with a hammered texture is framed by milgrain borders that give this ring a distinguished sense of style. Polished edges complete the design and add extra touch of contrast.

No matter where on the style spectrum your preferences fall, you’re sure to find a platinum hammered wedding band to match. Any one of them will demonstrate the strength and rarity of your bond.

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