Durability of the Hammered Wedding Band Ring 

hammered wedding band white goldHammered wedding bands are popular picks for their rugged good looks, but they hold an extra level of appeal for couples looking for styles that will stand up to the dents and dings of an active life. These rings are excellent choices for those who work with their hands or spend a lot of time outdoors, but still want to keep a symbol of their commitment to their spouse continually nearby—even if it’s submitted to a pounding.

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The finish of these hammered styles means that they can hold up under just about any circumstances. Since they are already full of intentional dents and divots, they’ll easily camouflage any additional dings they sustain. While scratches might be obvious on a plain polished band, on a hammered band, they’re often barely noticeable. In fact, wear and tear can actually add character to these rings, giving them a worn-in sense of strength and rugged beauty.

Choosing a hammered wedding band doesn’t lock you into one style, however. Apples of Gold carries a range of widths and a selection of metals and styles that appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

14k white gold hammered wedding band ringThe details make all the difference in hammered designs. Beveled edges, like those on the 14K White Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring, add a crisp, modern edge that fits perfectly with rough-hewn centers.

Milgrain edges are a tiny touch that provides a big dose of class, as demonstrated in the Hammered Milgrain Wedding Band in 14K White Gold. This ring exhibits three contrasting textures that work in unison to create distinctive style. The brushed hammered center is framed by twisting milgrain and bordered by highly polished smooth edges.

Contrasts in color also add style to hammered weddings rings. While the Two-Tone Brushed Hammered Wedding Band Ring in 14K Gold features the same textural contrast as the above milgrain-edged band, it has an entirely different look, thanks to its combination of metals. A 14K yellow gold center is accented by two distinct, classy edges in 14K white gold. Other metal pairings, such as white gold and rose gold or 18K gold and platinum, provide a number of unique looks that coordinate with any jewelry collection.

hammered wedding band ring two tone goldHammered style is far from incompatible with luxury, despite its ability to stand up to less than ideal conditions. Apples of Gold’s selection of platinum hammered weddings bands features several pounded styles, crafted from the finest of fine metals. At 30 times more rare than gold, the platinum of these rings is an ideal expression of a love that’s a true treasure.

The naturally white color of the Platinum Domed Hammered Wedding Band demonstrates the refinement and rugged sensibility that seamlessly combine in pounded platinum styles. As a bonus, like all platinum jewelry, it’s hypoallergenic. Platinum is an ideal medium for any piece for which durability is a plus, making it a natural choice for hammered bands: It’s denser than gold, and it won’t fade, tarnish or lose its shape over time.

Hammered wedding bands in 18K gold are another option that blends luxury with durability. Consider Apples of Gold’s 18K Gold Hammered Wedding Band or its 18K white gold counterpart for a look and feel that are a step above the rest.

titanium hammered wedding band ringIf you want to match the durability of hammered wedding bands with a metal that’s strong enough to be used in aircraft, try a titanium hammered style, such as Apples of Gold’s Titanium Hammered Wedding Band Ring. Despite its extraordinary strength, it’s remarkably lightweight.

Hammered wedding bands are perfect if you anticipate your ring taking a pounding. Like true love, they can stand up to the knocks of life.

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