August Birthstone: Peridot Jewelry and Rings 

oval peridot diamond ring white goldFrom running barefoot through the grass to a spending a day at the park without a care, many of the little things that make summer a time we relish combine a sense of being alive with a golden splash of sunshine. Peridot jewelry, the August birthstone, is no exception. Its vibrant green color with a touch of gold is unmistakably full of life and light, making it the perfect way to celebrate all you love about warm days and golden rays.

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Peridot has long been loved as a gemstone for jewelry—it’s been used in adornments for over 3,000 years! Peridot has been found in pieces of Egyptian jewelry dating back to the second millennium B.C., and some historians think that Cleopatra was a fan of this gem a thousand years later. Regardless of whether or not the famous Pharaoh wore peridot, its beauty and vibrancy are more than fit for royalty.

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art deco peridot ring white goldThe Romans recognized that the look of peridot was something special: they nicknamed this gemstone the “emerald of the evening” because it appeared to be the same color in any lighting conditions—even when illuminated by only the dim, artificial light that was used after dusk. Peridot is also unique in that it’s one of just a few gemstones that naturally occur in only one color.

Actually a variety of the mineral olivine, the color of this eye-catching gem is indeed a bit olive-like. And, like the Mediterranean climate in which olives thrive, peridot is drenched in sunlight. The presence of iron gives this gem its one-of-a-kind good looks, creating a color that brings to mind all the best that the warmest season of the year has to offer.

Classic styles will take you from summer to summer without missing a beat, and the Five Stone Peridot Ring in 14K white gold is a summery take on a style that’s made to endure. Containing 1.5 total carats of round peridots, this ring will never go out of fashion or fail to add a refreshing touch of color.

three stone diamond and peridot ringPeridot pairs stunningly with a diamond, and the beauty of this paring is seen clearly in adaptations of timeless designs. In the Three Stone Diamond and Peridot Ring a 0.25-carat round diamond is framed by two ever-so-slightly-smaller round peridots, all set in your choice of 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold or platinum by request. Or, if you’d rather let these two gemstones reverse roles, consider the Three Stone Peridot and Diamond Ring, which allows a 4mm round peridot to star while 0.15-carat diamonds take on supporting roles. In the 1.75 Carat Oval Cut Peridot & Diamond Ring (, peridot becomes even more prominent: a bold, sizeable green gemstone is sure to turn heads, while four smaller diamonds add complimentary accents.

Peridot earrings are a lovely way to bring a touch of light and color to your face, whether you choose a classic look or trendier style. Apple’s of Gold’s Peridot Teardrop Earrings add a light yet glamorous touch to an array of summer looks. Teardrop-shaped peridots dangle gingerly inside sleek sterling silver teardrops, creating a look that’s as refreshing as a summer rain. This pair is sophisticated but never stuffy, and at 2” long, they draw just the right amount of attention.

peridot stud earringsOf course, you can never go wrong with a pair of basic but eye-catching Peridot Stud Earrings, available in your choice of color and style, as well as your choice of push-back or screw-back posts. They partner beautifully with any peridot ring or pendant, and can add a pleasing pop of color all on their own.

If you’d rather allocate most of your summer spending to a vacation in the sun, peridot is an ideal pick! As a semi-precious gemstone, peridot is relatively affordable, leaving you plenty of cash for a sunny getaway. In fact, peridot styles often cost just half the price of styles that feature another popular green gemstone: the emerald.

vintage filigree peridot ringPeridot has been popular during numerous time periods throughout history, including medieval times and in the Baroque period. Its beauty is truly timeless and its vivid, life-filled color makes old styles fresh again. This is gorgeously demonstrated in Apples of Gold’s selection of vintage peridot rings. Apples of Gold’s Enchanted Peridot Ring in 14K White Gold adds a vibrant twist to a Victorian-style engraved design. Lush with feminine beauty, this handmade ring is also available in 14K yellow gold, 18K gold or platinum. In the Vintage Filigree Peridot Ring, peridot freshens a century-old filigree design. The round, green stone is placed in a unique octagon-shaped .925 Sterling Silver setting for a look that transcends trends and is easy on your wallet.

trillion cut peridot diamond ringAs fitting as peridot is for vintage designs, it adapts just as effortlessly to contemporary looks. The Oval Shaped Contemporary Peridot Pendant places a single round peridot in a modern, teardrop-shaped design, crafted from cool, 10K white gold. Or, for a look with a bit of an edge, try the Trillion-Cut Peridot and Diamond Ring. This simple, up-to-the-minute look accents a 0.75-carat peridot with four round diamonds, creating a look that’s fresh and dripping with class.

heart shaped peridot diamond pendantThe verdant look of peridot makes it ideal for expressing a love that’s full of life, and heart pendants that feature this gem are lovely gifts for anyone with whom you share a life-filled relationship, no matter when their birthday falls. For example, the Heart-Shaped Peridot and Diamond Pendant, is sure to show that the love you share is vibrant and alive. Although red is the color most often associated with love and the heart, the graceful green in this necklace’s heart-shaped peridot proves that red is far from the only color that can say “I love you.”

Peridot is the perfect birthstone for the last full month of summer—the month when many of us try to squeeze in every last drop of sunshine before the days grow cooler and shorter once again. This August, add some sunshine and life to your style with the unique look of peridot.

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