September Birthstone: Sapphire Jewelry and Rings 

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three stone sapphire ring white goldSeptember is a month when we savor the evening. The air takes on a hint of crispness and days that are beginning to shorten give way to glorious skies full of stars. No gemstone captures the unique beauty of this time of year quite like the sapphire, the September birthstone.

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Sapphire demonstrates a richness that few gemstones can match, and its deep indigo hue has long been associated with the beauty of a clear blue sky. The ancient Persians believed that the earth balanced on a giant sapphire and that the color of that sapphire was reflected in the heavens.  Peoples throughout history have seen the sapphire as a symbol of heaven, and sometimes of eternal life.

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antique style sapphire wedding ring bridal setBlue is a popular favorite color—it’s often cited as the most loved color—and a sapphire radiates the best of this hue, giving off a sparkle and richness that makes it easy to see why it’s so adored. Its hue conveys a sense of richness and time-honored allure.

As fitting as the sapphire is as a birthstone for September, you don’t need to be born in any particular month to appreciate its deep, alluring beauty. As one of the four traditional precious stones, it’s been treasured for thousands of years, catching the eyes and imaginations of cultures around the world, from India to Russia to England.

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Royalty has long embraced the sapphire as a gemstone of great beauty and worth. According to tradition, Helen of Troy, who had beauty that “launched a thousand ships” wore a large sapphire. King Solomon was also familiar with the sapphire, and his beloved described him as a bridegroom, saying “His body is carved ivory inlaid with sapphires. Century after century, the sapphire has been used as a symbol of love that’s a rare treasure.

14k gold princess di sapphire diamond ringMuch more recently, the ring that Princess Diana picked out as her engagement ring made headlines when Prince William presented it to Kate Middleton. The ring that now sits on the left hand of the Duchess of Cambridge is a stunning 18-carat oval-shaped sapphire framed by numerous diamonds. Apples of Gold’s 14K Gold Princess Di Sapphire and Diamond Ring channels this famous style, surrounding an oval sapphire with a dozen round diamonds, all set on a 14K yellow gold band.

If a proposal is on your mind for the month of September, consider popping the question with a sapphire engagement ring. Decades before Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond ring became famous, several movie stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age, including Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford and Elizabeth Taylor, wore sapphire engagement rings. Such rings are perfect for a love that’s both true-blue and that’s uniquely beautiful.

sapphire cross pendant white gold diamondSapphires can also help to express a faith that’s true, through designs like the Sapphire Cross Diamond Pendant. This cleanly sculpted cross seems to radiate from an oval sapphire accented with four round diamonds, creating a simple but powerful statement.

The combination of sapphire and diamonds is particularly stunning, creating a contrast that brings to mind an evening sky filling with stars on a crisp fall evening. The Sapphire Ring with Diamond Accents gives an elegant nod to a star-dotted horizon as an oval sapphire is hugged by two smaller diamonds, all set on a flat, smooth 14K white gold band. Or, go a bit bolder with the 14K white gold Sapphire and 0.30 Carat Diamond Ring, which features an eye-grabbing 7mm-high emerald-cut sapphire accented by two clusters of dazzling diamonds.

sapphire and diamond ring white goldApples of Gold’s Sapphire and Diamond Channel Ring showcases the gorgeous contrast between the gemstones it contains in simple, sophisticated fashion. Six sapphires and five diamonds alternate to create a ring with timeless appeal and modern sensibility. The Sapphire & Diamond Hoop Earrings utilize this same simple concept of alternating diamonds and sapphires to create a pair of earrings you’ll wear over and over again. A total of 12 gems adorn these 14K white gold hoops, which fasten with a secure lever back.

Sterling silver sapphire styles are affordable choices for sapphire lovers, and Apples of Gold carries a number of options that allow you to don this gorgeous blue color—or to give it as a gift—on a budget. For example, the 1.70 Carat Sapphire and Diamond Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver would be well-received by nearly any woman, with its 7mm-high oval-shaped sapphire, three diamonds and unique swirled-design bale.

sapphire engagement ring white goldSapphire’s timeless appeal makes it particularly fitting for vintage designs, as it both blends seamlessly with the styles of the past and adds a richness to them that’s perfect for the present.  The Art Deco Sapphire Engagement Ring is a stunning example. A 14K yellow gold lotus flower opens to reveal a gorgeous ½ carat round sapphire. The cool, deep color of this stone pops against a warm, graceful backdrop. A 14K white gold band engraved with elegant swirls provides addition contrast, both in color and in texture. This 1920s-inspired design is truly unique and unquestionably beautiful.

trillion cut sapphire earrings white goldOf course, sapphire also plays a breathtaking starring role in contemporary designs. The Diamond and Trillion Shaped Sapphire Earrings dangle with modern flair. Two trillion-cut sapphires, each accented by a small diamond, provide a contemporary angular look.

Did you know that sapphires are actually closely related to the ruby? Both gemstones are varieties of the mineral corundum. As such they are incredibly hard, outranked in this category only by the diamond, and as a result, sapphires have a staying power that few gems can match.

The enduring beauty of sapphire poises jewelry that features it to become treasured heirlooms that will only grow in their appeal as the years go by. Every piece in Apples of Gold’s collection of sapphire jewelry is created with a strong commitment to quality, ensuring that each one is suited to be passed down to future generations.

As summer transitions to fall, sapphire captures a time that’s never long enough. This September, why not celebrate the fleeting beauty of the evening with a sapphire ring, pendant or pair of earrings? The beauty of these pieces will last long after the days have grown short.

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