Diamond Alternative: White Topaz Engagement Rings 

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white topaz engagement ring 1 caratLooking for an affordable alternative to a diamond engagement ring or a unique twist that strays ever-so-slightly from tradition? Consider one of Apples of Gold’s beautiful white topaz engagement rings!

Engagement rings with diamond alternatives like white topaz are particularly good choices for budget-conscious couples, and in today’s economy, an increasing number of brides and grooms are looking for ways to save money on their weddings. In fact, according to a Brides magazine survey conducted this past May, the average cost of a wedding has actually dropped over the past few years despite inflation.

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white topaz bridal wedding ring setWhite topaz is an excellent stand-in for a diamond, imitating many of the qualities of the classic engagement ring stone while having an appeal all of its own. Like a diamond, it’s colorless and versatile, enabling it to complement any complexion. White topaz ranges from transparent to translucent, giving it a look that could easily be mistaken for a diamond at first glance.

Despite their diamond lookalike qualities, white topaz engagement rings are an incredibly affordable option and, when paired with cool .925 sterling silver, white topaz engagement rings are the ultimate in budget-conscious style. Many of these rings cost just a fraction of the price of similar diamond and white gold designs, making eye-catching style possible even for the most penny-pinching couples. Apples of Gold’s selection of white topaz engagement rings features several of the same designs as their collection of diamond engagement rings, allowing you to choose a stunning ring at a stunning price.

white topaz swirl engagement ring setAlthough white topaz is a lovely diamond alternative, it’s also a beautiful gemstone in its own right. The word “topaz” may come from an ancient Sanskrit word for “fire,” and regardless of whether or not this is actually the case, a flame is a wonder way to describe the way that white topaz can cause light to dance, reflecting it like playful sparks. What better way to represent the flame that burns inside your heart than with a gemstone that brings to mind a fire’s flicker?

Some of Apples of Gold’s most popular engagement rings feature designs inspired by the past and these vintage styles are beautifully accented by white topaz. The Enchanted White Topaz Ring in .925 Sterling Silver is a truly mesmerizing engagement ring. This Victorian engraved design of swirls and openwork is both delicate and gracefully strong. If you’re looking for a coordinated wedding jewelry set, this ring is also available with a matching wedding ring that follows the same elegant curves.

white topaz heart engagement ringIf a modern matching set is more your taste, Apples of Gold’s selection of white topaz rings has the answer. Nearly 60 stones adorn the White Topaz Swirl Engagement Ring Bridal Set. A 5mm round white topaz provides the focal point for this eye-catching pair, while swirling lines of gemstones create a sense of movement that’s modern and glamorous.

Think you can’t get the classic style of a solitaire without shelling out for a diamond? Think again! Apples of Gold offers several white topaz solitaries that capture this quintessential engagement ring design, but have a much lower price tag. Choose from a number of stone sizes set on a white gold, yellow gold or sterling silver band for a traditional look without the traditional price tag. And, because even the largest of these rings is relatively inexpensive, even those on a budget can allow personal preference to determine the size of the stone that will adorn that special ring.

Whether you’re in the market for a wallet-friendly diamond alternative that doesn’t look cheap or simply a beautiful ring, be sure to check out Apples of Gold’s white topaz engagement rings! These styles pack in a lot of beauty on a budget.


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