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Gold Hammered Wedding Bands

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Want a look that’s strong yet simple? The rugged yet refined look of hammered wedding bands is probably a great fit! A love that is truly strong is formed by enduring the challenges of life. Facing tough times together allows your relationship to grow in its ability to weather any storm and the pounded look of hammered gold wedding bands can serve as a reminder that your love can face good times and bad and come out stronger as a result. Read more.

The textured finish of hammered gold wedding bands isn’t just a picture of the process that shapes your love, however; it’s also a fashion statement in its own right. The look of many these rings in simple, but these pieces wield a sense of fortitude, as well as a heavy touch of good taste.

A variety of borders provide subtle variations, allowing you to sport the ring that suits you to a “T.” Smooth single edges set off hammered centers in simple, sophisticated fashion, and double edges provide an extra dose of class, making these rough-hewn rings look particularly polished. Or, for subtle edges with a beaded look, take a look at styles with milgrain borders.

Or, to really add a touch of refinement, consider one of Apples of Gold’s hammered gold wedding bands that feature two borders of contrasting textures. For example, an inner edge that resembles a twisted cord is set off by smooth outer edges; these two borders work together to give several styles a three-fold combination of textures that’s sure the catch the eye.

Hammered surfaces give a fresh look to several wedding ring silhouettes. Pounded finishes on domed and rounded shapes add visual interest to classic styles; the same surfaces make flat bands look even more modern.

Hammered surfaces also take on different personalities depending on the finish that’s pounded. They’re given a bolder dimension on polished hammered gold wedding bands, as the texture becomes more evident, and appear more understated on brushed finishes.

Apples of Gold’s collection is available not only in a variety of styles, but also a number of widths. Choose a narrow band for an understated yet strong look, a wider band for a bolder statement or any width in-between that suits your style.

Hammered gold wedding bands demonstrate that your love is strong and able to stand no matter what life throws our way. Slide one on your finger to say “This is forever.”

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