Say Hello to Halo Engagement Rings! 

1 Carat Princess-Cut Halo Diamond Engagement RingHalo engagement rings are hot right now and if you’re not yet acquainted with them, now is the perfect time to get to know these extremely elegant styles. As their name suggests, halo engagement rings surround a center stone with a frame—a halo—of smaller stones, creating looks that are rich in sparkle and that are catching the eyes of many of today’s brides.

Halo engagement rings have been spotted on the fingers of numerous red carpet regulars, including Amy Adams, Carrie Underwood and Natalie Portman. However, these pieces aren’t just for the rich and famous! On the contrary, they’re incredibly versatile, and wearable by any woman.1.31 Carat Antique Halo Engagement Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

Princess cut diamond rings that feature halos are modern and elegant picks, and the 1 Carat Princess-Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is a lovely example. This piece surrounds a 0.75 carat princess cut diamond with a frame of smaller diamonds and places it on a slender, diamond-studded band, crafted from 14K white gold. Delicate milgrain edges offset these accent diamonds on both the halo and the band, bordering them with timeless class. This ring is also an excellent example of the way that a halo can help to create the illusion of a larger center stone.

1.31 Carat Black and White Diamond Antique Halo Engagement RingThe 1.31 Carat Antique Halo Engagement Ring in 14K Yellow Gold stands out among yellow gold engagement rings for its stunning vintage design and spectacular sparkle. Inspired by times past, but perfect for today, this dazzling ring utilizes over 80 diamonds to create a look that will always overflow with sophistication—not to mention with glimmer. A round half carat diamond serves as the center stone of this antique-style piece, and it’s surrounded by a circle of diamonds that multiply this ring’s ability to reflect light. The band of this piece is also laden with sparkle as diamonds are set on every visible side. Demure beaded edges offset these stones and make the most of the gleaming 14K yellow gold from with this ring is crafted. This ring is so stunning that it warrants a number of variations; thus, it’s also available in 14K white gold, 14K rose gold and platinum, as well as with a number of colored gemstones. Or, try a riff on this style that combines black and white diamonds: the 1.31 Carat Black and White Diamond Antique Halo Engagement Ring.

3/4 Carat Art Deco Diamond Wedding Ring SetAs stunning as they are on their own, halo engagement rings can be especially extraordinary when they’re a part of a bridal ring set such as the 3/4 Carat Art Deco Diamond Wedding Ring Set. The engagement ring in this striking pair surrounds a 0.26-carat round diamond with not one, but two square-shaped halos of glittering stones. Additional diamonds stud the slender bands of both the engagement ring and the wedding band, giving this 14K white gold set a sparkling, sophisticated look.

Despite halo engagement rings’ popularity at present, these styles are far more than fads. These pieces have looks that are truly timeless, perfect for expressing the love that never fails to surround your heart with sparkle.


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