Subtle Symbolism: Wedding Bands with Beautiful Designs and Meaningful Messages 

05-16-2013 two-halvesWhile there are plenty of wedding bands that use overt emblems to represent love (those with hearts or crosses, for instance), there are just as many wedding rings that incorporate more subtle touches of symbolism that celebrate your connection to your one special someone. These pieces feature designs that are beautiful in their own right, but that also contain quiet yet powerful messages. Let’s take a look at three types of wedding rings that subtly symbolize love: braided wedding bands, rings with Celtic motifs and two-tone styles.

14K White Gold Braided Wedding Band RingBraided wedding bands use interweaving strands to create timeless looks, as well as to represent two people who are being woven together into one, never to be torn apart. And, just as a braid is stronger than any of the strands that comprise it, a husband and wife are stronger together than they are apart. The 14K White Gold Braided Wedding Band Ring is a classy example of braided style. This gleaming ring combines three textures to create a unified symbol of your inextricable bond with the one you love. A braid of flat strands wraps around the center of this ring, framed by thin rope-like accents and smooth, polished borders. This 14K white gold band measures 7.5mm wide, making it substantial but not overwhelming, and its elegant design renders it a ring with lasting appeal—and a lasting message.

Titanium Celtic Knot Wedding Band RingCeltic wedding bands also use interweaving strands as they portray centuries-old Celtic knot motifs, as well as represent the intertwining of two hearts. Many people have adopted these designs as symbols of eternity, making them lovely ways to celebrate love that never comes to an end. The Titanium Celtic Knot Wedding Band Ring adapts one of these motifs to a flat band crafted of aircraft-grade titanium, and carves it simply into a sleek surface. This contemporary take on Celtic style is available in your choice of widths (6mm to 10mm) as well as your pick of finishes (matte, polished or satin). The metal from which this ring is made adds an additional touch of symbolism: titanium is incredibly strong, making it a perfect way to represent love that can stand up to whatever life throws at it.

Two-Halves One Flesh Wedding Band RingTwo-tone wedding bands use two contrasting metals, not only to create an eye-catching look, but also to represent two different people who come together to form a one beautiful whole. Each metal in these designs makes the other stand out, just as a husband and wife can complement one another and make one another better. The Two-Halves One Flesh Wedding Band Ring pairs 14K white gold and 14K yellow gold to create a unified representation of love. These two metals seamlessly form this flat, 7mm-wide band, the border between them curving gracefully as each color ebbs and flows.

Obvious symbols are far from your only options when you want a wedding band that’s rich with meaning. Consider a braided wedding band, a Celtic design or a two-tone style for a subtle symbol of love, presented with beauty.

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