Two-Tone Celtic Wedding Bands: Putting Time-honored Motifs in the Spotlight 

Celtic knots are far from new, but their elegance and their ability to represent lasting love make them lovely choices for today’s brides and grooms. Celtic wedding bands use these centuries-old motifs to create wearable symbols of your undying commitment and affection, and when they’re given a two-tone treatment, both the style and the meaning of these motifs are given extra emphasis.

Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band Ring, 14K White Gold and Rose GoldCeltic motifs have been adopted by many as symbols of eternity as their continually curving shapes have no beginning or end. When these designs are featured on wedding bands, they can become not only emblems of eternity, but also reminders that your love and commitment will never run out. While these motifs are both powerful and elegant in any metal, two-tone styles that utilize Celtic motifs allow these designs to fully take the spotlight, emphasizing their message and their good looks. The contrast that’s created when these designs are placed on a background of a different color gives two-tone Celtic wedding bands a distinctive edge.

The Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Gold and Rose Gold takes a timeless symbol of love and meshes it with a Celtic knot to form a unique picture of your unending affection. Hearts are intricately intertwined with curling Celtic designs to create an emblem of affection that repeats all the way around this band. This one-of-a-kind motif is formed from three-dimensional rose gold to give it an extra sense of warmth and to allow it to stand out against the 14K white gold band that holds it.

Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band, 14K Two-Tone GoldThe Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold is rich with meaning as well as striking style. This bold ring features the Triquerta, a knot of three loops that has often represented the trinity as well as serving as a symbol as connection and unity. The use of this motif allows this ring to serve not only as a reminder of your love and commitment, but also of the One who brought you and the one you love together. The combination of 14K yellow gold on top of a 14K white gold band creates a look that’s eye-catching and memorable.

Kendrick Celtic Wedding Band, 14K Two-Tone GoldIf you’d prefer a modern take on the timeless Celtic knot, don’t miss the Kendrick Celtic Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold. This sleek style gives a Celtic motif a contemporary angular treatment that makes this centuries-old design seem fresh and up-to-the minute. Inspired by an hourglass-shaped infinity knot, this pattern wraps around the wearer’s finger with a cool, crisp sensibility while creating a completely currant picture of your commitment to love forever. A shining 14K white gold band creates the perfect backdrop for this yellow gold motif, allowing it shine in the foreground.

In addition to these striking examples, each of these two-tone wedding bands with Celtic motifs is available in a number of metal combinations. Celtic wedding rings in any of these combinations allow the motifs they contain to take center stage, serving as bold representations of your unending commitment.


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