New Wedding Band Sets to Celebrate Two Becoming One 

Whether you and the one you love share a slew of common interests and have similar personalities or you’re as different as night and day, when you say “I do,” the two of you become one. Matching wedding band sets provide symbols of this inextricable connection, through coordinated rings for the bride and the groom.

14K White Gold 7.6mm Braided Wedding Band SetWedding band sets with braided motifs add an extra measure of symbolism as they depict the weaving of two lives into one. In a braid, individual strands combine to form a cord that’s stronger than the sum of its parts—a perfect representation of the strength that results when two become one. For instance, the 14K White Gold 7.6mm Braided Wedding Band Set is wrapped with a clean braid of flat strands of 14K white gold, a picture of the way that you and the one you love are intertwined for life. Milgrain edges frame this classy braid and add contrasting texture, while smooth, polished edges provide a simple but fitting finishing touch.

Caer Celtic Knot Wedding Band Set, 14K Two-Tone GoldCeltic Wedding bands provide a time-honored way to signify your connection as their intertwining motifs create pictures of endless love. The knots that adorn these rings have been adopted by many couples as symbols of eternity, as these designs continually twist and turn without end. The Caer Celtic Knot Wedding Band Set in 14K Two-Tone Gold showcases a modern, slightly angular interpretation of a centuries-old design sculpted from shining 14K yellow gold. This motif is strikingly contrasted by the backdrop upon which it rests: a highly-polished, 7mm wide, 14K white gold band.

Plain wedding bands may not be fancy, but as is the case with all wedding rings, they communicate a powerful message. In fact, their simple shape can help them convey this message with clarity and strength. A circle represents the endless nature of true love, and these minimalistic styles allow this symbolism to take the spotlight.

6mm Plain White Gold Wedding Band Set in 14KFor instance, the 6mm Plain White Gold Wedding Band Set in 14K simply and elegantly communicates undying affection and commitment. This pair of rings is available with a polished or brushed finish, as well as your choice of a traditional or comfort fit, which allow these bands to sit more naturally on the wearers’ fingers.

If you’re attracted to the unmistakable elegance and meaningful grace of classic styles, but are looking for rings that are a little out of the ordinary, consider the 14K White Gold and Rose Gold Wedding Band Set. From the outside, these 6mm rings look like ordinary brushed-finish wedding bands, but they hold a secret that only the two of you will know about it. Their inner surfaces are crafted from 14K rose gold, hugging your fingers like a warm embrace.

Apples of gold carries a wide range of matching wedding band sets for brides and grooms in search of coordinating symbols of love. Try one of these pairs to celebrate the two of you becoming one.

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