Hammered Wedding Bands that are Ready for Anything 

Looking for wedding rings that communicate the endurance of your love? If so, don’t pass by hammered wedding bands! The pounded texture of these styles is a testament to the durability of your love and its ability to stand strong despite the trials of life. Although they’re been hammered time after time to give them their rugged look, the perfectly round shape of these rings—a picture of the endless nature of love—remains, making these pieces a fitting way to symbolize love that lasts no matter what.

Hammered Wedding Band Ring - 14K White GoldHammered styles can take whatever you throw at them, and their intentionally weathered look means that a few dents and dings only add to their character. They’ ready for anything and can stand up to a lifetime of knocks—in fact, these little imperfections make them more treasured as time passes. Like true love, these pieces get better as they weather the storms of life.

These rings are excellent choices for guys who tend to be hard on their jewelry. They’re among the more popular types of white gold wedding bands for men, but they’re also great picks for women or for couples who want a matching set.

Hammered Milgrain Wedding Band in 14K White GoldThe Hammered Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Gold combines a hammered center with double polished edges that add class without overpowering the rough and ready personality of this ring. The understated contrast of pounded and smooth textures provides interest and communicates your love with quiet strength. In addition to this 14K white gold version, this ring is also in 14K two-tone gold, 18K gold or platinum, as well as any other color combination by request.

Hammered styles that combine pounded finishes with polished touches such as gleaming edges or exacting milgrain offer the perfect pairing of rugged good looks and refined style. The Hammered Milgrain Wedding Band in 14K White Gold is a perfect example. This 7mm-wide ring accents a pounded center with a thin border of fine, twisting milgrain and highly-polished edges. It’s simultaneously classy and rough-hewn, making it suitable for a wide range of tastes.

Brushed Hammered Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone GoldIf you’d prefer a hammered wedding ring with a touch of warm yellow gold, consider one of Apples of Gold’s two-tone hammered styles such as the Brushed Hammered Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold. This eye-catching piece features a pounded ring of 14K white gold, hugged by not one but two yellow gold edges that add sunny sophistication. This combination of milgrain and smooth, polished borders gives this ring a dressed up look that doesn’t lose touch with its rugged roots. If this color combination isn’t quite your cup of tea, you can also choose from several other metal pairings.

Any of these Hammered wedding rings can easily stand up to the dents and dings of life, and grow in character as a result. Their pounded look is a reminder that true love can endure any trials and become stronger in the process. Choose one or a set to represent your lasting, resilient relationship.

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