Black Diamond Rings: Luxurious, Beautiful, Mysterious and Affordable 

Three centuries ago, the Portuguese called them “carbanados,” meaning “burned” or “carbonized.” While this description of black diamonds wasn’t entirely accurate—these alluring stones haven’t actually been scorched—it does provide an apt picture of their appearance: these dark sheen of these gems does give them a look that suggests that they were once set on fire. Black diamond rings showcase the dark, mysterious beauty of these intriguing stones.

Like all diamonds, black diamonds are a form of carbon; however, they have a different carbon isotope than their more common white counterparts. Naturally-occurring black diamonds are very rare, and because of this, they’re very expensive. However, that doesn’t mean that black diamond jewelry is only accessible to those with stacks of cash to burn. Naturally-occurring white diamonds can take on a black hue through a heat or irradiation treatment in a lab, and black diamonds that are created in this manner are much more affordable than those found in nature.2 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

Although black diamonds that get their color in a lab come at a much lower price than those that are found in nature, it’s important to note that these aren’t “fake” or “created” gems. Rather, they’re genuine, naturally-occurring black diamonds that have been given an extra dose of sophisticated personality.

Black diamonds give even the simplest styles a luxurious feel. Solitaries and three-stone black diamonds rings are versatile, classy options that can take any outfit up a notch. For instance, the 2 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring isn’t complicated, but it’s sure to turn heads. A sizeable, round black diamond is upheld by a sleek, shining 14K white gold band, creating a look that’s minimalistic but endlessly chic. While this ring could easily serve as an always-fashionable addition to any jewelry collection, it could also be a unique engagement ring, perfect for expressing a love that’s far from mundane.

2.00 Carat Black and White Three Stone Diamond RingBlack diamonds are wonderfully contrasted by their white relatives, as each stone highlights the other’s strengths. This is simply but stunningly demonstrated in the 2.00 Carat Black and White Three Stone Diamond Ring, which hugs a round 1 carat black diamond with two round half carat white diamonds.

If you’re on an especially tight budget, but still want to take advantage of the mysterious beauty of black diamonds, consider one of Apples of Gold’s silver black diamond rings. For instance, the Enchanted Black Diamond Ring in .925 Sterling Silver places an intriguing 0.25 carat black diamond in a Victorian-style setting, creating a striking contrast between feminine shapes and curves and a bold, modern stone.

Enchanted Black Diamond Ring in .925 Sterling SilverWant to adorn more than just your hand with the mysterious allure of black diamonds? Try adding a pair of black diamond earrings! Black diamond studs such as the 0.50 Carat Round Black Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold pair elegantly with any black diamond ring, or stand on their own as chic accents for your ears.

In short, black diamonds are luxurious, beautiful, mysterious and affordable—what’s not to love? Try one of these sophisticated styles to experience the intrigue of black diamonds for yourself.

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