Black Diamond Rings: The Little Black Dresses of Your Jewelry Collection 

No stone can match the diamond in timeless beauty and allure, and black diamonds are no exception. In fact, these stones offer an extra sense of sophistication and adaptability. Black diamond rings are the little black dresses of your jewelry box, pieces that you’ll turn to over and over for their versatility and class.

Women often choose black clothing because it makes them look good, and this ability to flatter applies to black jewelry as well. Black diamonds are every bit as versatile as white diamonds and their deep color readily complements. These stone communicate mystery and a sense of daring yet timeless good taste.1 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

Black diamonds occur rarely in nature. Like traditional white diamonds, they’re comprised of carbon, but they contain a different carbon isotope than their lighter counterparts. Scientists aren’t quite sure how they form, which adds to their intrigue.

Black diamonds that are found in nature are quite expensive due to their rarity, but those that are given a dark hue in a lab are a different story. These naturally-occurring white diamonds, which take on their black look through a heat or irradiation process, are relatively affordable options, and it is these stones that Apples of Gold uses in its black diamond jewelry.

Black diamonds turn even the simplest styles into rich, sophisticated pieces that are sure to generate conversation. Solitaire rings adorned with black diamonds, such as Apples of Gold’s 1 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring, are a perfect example. This minimalistic design is made even more chic with a sizeable round black diamond, adding a chic touch to the classic 1 carat diamond ring. Its dark but gleaming beauty needs no bells and whistles. For those seeking for an even bolder look, a 2 carat version is also available.

1/2 Carat Three Stone Black Diamond Ring, 14K White GoldLikewise, three-stone rings also take on an extra dose of class when the stones that they contain are black diamonds, as the 1/2 Carat Three Stone Black Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold gorgeously demonstrates. This ring displays a 0.25 carat diamond hugged by two smaller round diamonds for a look that’s basic but far from boring.

Black diamonds render any rings both modern and timeless. This is particularly evident in vintage-inspired styles such as the 1/2 Carat Art Deco Black Diamond Ring. The excitement of the 1920s is captured in this stunning ring, as it’s given a twist that brings it squarely into the present while retaining its time-honored charm. A graceful, shining 14K white gold lotus flower spreads its petals to reveal an unexpected but welcome ½ carat round black diamond, while a motif of swirls and leaves lavishly adorns the band. This combination of sweeping shapes and expertly carved designs makes this ring truly memorable.1/2 Carat Art Deco Black Diamond Ring

In addition to their status as timeless fashion statements, black diamond rings can serve as unique engagement rings, perfect for expressing a love that’s bold and that can adapt to any situation. This adaptability may be the black diamond’s greatest strength and rings that feature it testify to its universally complementary nature.

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