Perfectly-cut Solitaire Rings for Love that Finds a Way 

We’ve all heard the expression “love will make a way,” and for many of us, this saying has become so familiar that we miss its meaning. However, behind this cliché is a powerful message that two people who truly love one another won’t give up when their relationship hits a roadblock. No matter what obstacles arise, this sort of love will find a way to make it work and, as a result, the relationship becomes stronger. This ability to cut a new path is celebrated in perfectly-cut diamond solitaire rings.

Diamond solitaire rings place a single, brilliant stone in the spotlight, showcasing the cut of the stone and the sparkle that results. These styles are timeless representations of love that has been shaped by the trials it has endured to form a thing of dazzling beauty. When everything else falls away, this type of love remains, and the stand-alone nature of the diamonds in solitaire styles capture its strength and determination.

0.50 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring, 14K Yellow GoldApples of Gold carries several styles of diamond solitaire rings, each of which puts its own unique spin on traditional style. Each is available in your choice of sizes and metals, allowing for a range of looks from classy and subdued to traffic-stopping.

Round solitaire diamond rings are the most classic of engagement ring styles, and Apples of Gold carries rings with stones ranging from 0.10 carats to a full carat, providing options for many tastes and budgets. The 0.62 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold is just one simply stunning example of this timeless look.

1/3 Carat Cathedral Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 14K White GoldPrincess-cut solitaires such as the 0.50 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14K Yellow Gold provide a slightly more geometric look than rings with round stones. The cut of the diamonds featured in these rings provides extra sparkle and adds a modern edge to a classic.

Solitaire rings with cathedral settings rise to the occasion, appearing to elevate a single diamond with the ultimate in elegance. The bands of these styles curve up to meet the top edge of the princess-cut stones they contain like the graceful arches of a cathedral reaching toward the heavens. These rings, such as Apples of Gold’s 1/3 Carat Cathedral Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold, are architectural yet full of movement and dazzle.

1 Carat Blue Diamond Solitaire RingWhile white diamond solitaire rings are the most common variety for engagement rings, blue and black solitaire rings can also symbolize the enduring nature of a love that only gets stronger as it faces roadblocks. Black diamonds bring depth and mystery to single-stone styles, while blue diamonds add a sense of vibrancy that helps to communicate love that remains full of life no matter what it faces. For example, the 1 Carat Blue Diamond Solitaire Ring is an unexpected, eye-catching variation that boldly expresses your commitment and affection.

No matter which cut you choose, diamond solitaire rings can capture a love that will remain when all else falls away. These rings celebrate that the two of you will always make a way.

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