Gold Chains: A Guide for Gift-Givers 

Every jewelry collection needs a few gold chains! This style staple is a great gift for guys and girls of all ages and its versatility ensures that it will be appreciated over and over again, whether worn alone in bracelet form or as stand-alone necklace, or paired with a pendant. Gold chains complement nearly any type of gold jewelry, from trendy to classic, as well as nearly any personality. There are several types of chains to choose from and the following guide will help you pick the perfect piece for each person on your list.

Rope Chains

14K Gold 6mm Rope ChainRope chains are popular picks for both gold necklaces and gold bracelets and, as the name implies, their links appear to twist like the strands of a rope. Thinner widths of this type of chain are often used to hold pendants, and any width can easily be worn alone. This spiral design is a true classic, and a must-have for any jewelry collection.

Curb Chains

14K Gold 11mm Curb Link ChainCurb chains were originally used in horses’ bridles because they were less likely than other kinds of chains to pinch a horse’s skin. This chain’s good looks, combined with its skin-friendly nature, caused it to catch on in the realm of jewelry, and it’s a popular pick today for many of the same reasons as it was when it first came into vogue. The uniformly-sized links of a curb chain lie flat against one another, making them a good pick for active individuals, or for anyone who would appreciate a basic, classy chain.

Figaro Chains

14K Gold 12mm Figaro Link ChainFigaro chains originated in Italy, and their name is derived from one of the operas of Rossini. This style alternates three round links with one oblong link, creating a look that stands on its own as a statement of timeless style. In smaller widths, Figaro chains create a subtle, almost delicate look, while in wider widths, they project confident class.

Box Chains

It’s probably no surprise that box chains have a boxy shape. These pieces have squared-off links that fit together tightly to form a four-sided strand that’s a popular pick for holding pendants. In larger widths, these chains also make bold modern statements.

Mariner Chains

14K Gold 10mm Mariner Link ChainNautical-inspired mariner chains resemble the chains that tether an anchor to a boat, hence their seaworthy name. Each oval-shaped link is bisected by a bar, giving these chains a sturdy, eye-catching look that’s more than strong enough to stand on its own and that doesn’t shy away from even the boldest pendants.

No matter which types of chains you choose for those on your gift list, when you purchase a gold chain from Apples of Gold, you can be sure that you’re getting top-quality jewelry. These chains aren’t merely gold-plated—they’re solid gold, making them pieces of fine jewelry that can be passed on to future generations.

The versatility and timelessness of these solid gold chains makes them an investment, gifts that can be enjoyed for years to come. Use this guide to find the right chains to give this Christmas.

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