14K Solid Gold Link Chains 

14k solid gold link chain

There are some styles of gold chains that really never go out of style, because of their classic and dependable style, namely 14k solid gold chains, such as curb chains and figaro chains. Men and women have selected such chains for both pendants and as stand-alone chain necklaces.

figaro chain

Made in 14k solid gold through and through, these chains are popular not only because of their sense of style, but because of the sturdy nature of their interlocking, link design. Curb chains include single, solid circular or slightly oval gold links soldered together for strength and durability. The figaro chain design incorporates an alternating 3 and 1 pattern of one longer, oblong link followed by three smaller round links bound together for a mixture of both durability and style.

gold rope chain

Gold rope chains, though not specifically considered a “link chain”, have also proven to be exceptionally popular over the decades–though slightly less durable than a gold link chain, it is still extremely durable as far as gold chains are concerned, especially as you get into thicker gauges. Rope chains also provide a versatile style which affords you the option of wearing it by itself or with a pendant. While link chains are good for pendants also, rope chains work exceptionally well with pendant necklaces because of their round-style and shape which lets the pendant fall evenly and smoothly on the chest.

mariner chain

Another slightly less known 14k gold link chain that is perpetually on the market is the marine or mariner chain, which is similar to a curb-style chain, but with a single bar going from top to bottom in the center of each link. This adds a slight variation to the ever-popular curb chain, which still stands as probably the most sold gold link chain in jewelry history.

white gold chain

All of these classic styles are also available as white gold chains, including white gold curb chains, figaro chains, and rope chains in 14k solid white gold.

Most Popular Sizes 

For men, a 20″ chain is considered standard and will fit most guys. But many opt for the 24″ length, depending on style, taste, and preferred size. Some opt for even longer lengths such as a 30″ chain (which some jewelers customize). By the way, Apples of Gold is able to customize any of its link chains to your preferred length by request, even if it’s not listed on our website.

For women, an 18″ chain is standard, but again, depending on your frame and body size, as well as how far you prefer your chain to hang, many women opt for 20″, 22″, or even 24″.

Pricing Gold Chains 

The more educated gold chain buyer will often check the gram weight of a gold chain to determine the cost of the chain per gram. With a gold-heavy item such as link chain, it is good practice to know how much gold is in each chain prior to buying. Don’t even consider purchasing a gold chain from a jeweler unless they clearly list in writing the weight of the chain.

Sometimes a chain’s weight will vary from the listed gram weight by a few percent, so it is OK to give some room for manufacturing variance per chain, but overall, the gram weight should be clearly listed and advertised and not vary more than 1-3% from the listed weight. Otherwise, you should request a partial-credit for the variance based on the current gold market price. For more information about understanding the weight and pricing of gold chains, see: pricing gold chains.

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