Filigree Wedding Bands 

filigree wedding bandsIf you’re looking for jewelry that’s perpetually sophisticated, stylish and eye-catching, look no further than filigree. These delicate metalwork designs have more than proven that they can stand the test of time, making them ideal for jewelry that’s meant to last. Filigree wedding bands speak of the timelessness of your love through their fine craftsmanship and timeless designs. Their style will look just as stunning decades from now as it does today.

Filigree is a delicate form of jewelry that has been loved in cultures around the world for millennia. It’s believed to have originated in the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Etruscan civilizations, later spreading to the Phoenicians, as well as India and Europe. From Byzantium to Ireland, filigree has been a popular form of skilled artistic expression, and artisans around the world have produced fine examples of this metalwork to inspire the filigree jewelry of today.

To create filigree, such as that used in filigree wedding bands, fine threads of metals like gold, silver or platinum are twisted, curled and soldered into elaborate designs. Its open, airy designs sometimes depict objects such as flowers or hearts, though many of today’s styles are more decorative than representative.

The Apples of Gold Paisley Filigree Wedding Band in 14k white gold (above/left) is a stunning example of this type of craftsmanship. Its graceful, delicate paisley design wraps around both the outside surface and the sides of band, making it unique among filigree wedding bands.

Filigree work also serves as the inspiration for engraved designs, as demonstrated in Apples of Gold’s Celtic Filigree Wedding Band, available in a number of metal choices. Its intricate motif imbeds crosses within Celtic knots, blending symbols of eternity and faith.

Vintage filigree diamond wedding bandFiligree wedding bands are perfect partners for diamond filigree rings such as Apples of Gold’s Vintage Filigree Diamond Band. These rings’ Victorian sensibility perfectly brings the past into the present. Filigree wedding bands pair beautifully with many styles of vintage engagement rings, as well as vintage gemstone ring pieces.

Although jewelry is probably the best known application of filigree, this technique is also used to make wrought iron wall hangings and was utilized in medieval Europe to decorate shrines and book covers. Filigree’s versatility has allowed it to dazzle through countless trends without losing its flair.

Filigree has been used in jewelry for thousands of years and it doesn’t show any signs of fading. Its timeless appeal makes it perfectly suited for filigree wedding bands.

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