Gold Chains for Men: Figaro, Curb, Rope Chains in 14K 

gold curb chain 14k solid

Gold chains are a men’s jewelry classic. Whether your style is effortlessly rustic or defined by timeless, refined class, these pieces can fit perfectly with your taste. There’s no men’s jewelry collection that couldn’t benefit from a gold chain or two.

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gold figaro chains 14k solid

The pieces in Apples of Gold’s collection of gold chains for men are different than many other gold chains on the market today for a simple reason: they’re actually made out of solid gold. These chains aren’t merely gold plated or hollow, nor are they costume jewelry. Rather, they’re pieces of fine jewelry, created with Apples of Gold’s high commitment to quality.

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solid gold rope chains 14k

Both the high quality and the timeless styling of Apples of Gold’s gold chains for men give them strong staying power. You’ll be able to wear them over and over as the years—and even the decades—pass.

Gold chains for men may be a jewelry staple, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a variety of looks to choose from. Apples of Gold carries several styles in in a wide range of widths, allowing you to choose the chain that’s a perfect fit.

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gold mariner chains 14k solid

There are several types of popular gold chains, including Figaro chains, curb chains and rope chains. For a lot of guys, a chain is a chain, but there are a number of differences between these various varieties that can help you determine which chain might be a good pick for you or for a man in your life.

Curb chains such as the 14K Gold 6mm Curb Link Chain are quite popular, but many who wear them have no idea where this style came from. Originally, the curb chain was designed not for fashion purposes, but rather to avoid pinching. Curb chains were first used in certain types of horse bridles because they were less likely than other types of chains to catch a horse’s skin. The style eventually caught on in jewelry and many men favor it for it the same reason that it was favored for use in bridles. The links of a curb chain lie flat against the skin, making this type of chain an excellent pick for active guys.

white gold figaro chains

With a name inspired by one of Rossini’s operas, it’s not a surprise that Figaro chains originated in Italy. This classic style is known for its distinct pattern of three round links followed by one oblong link—a look that’s upscale and timeless.

The scale of a Figaro chain can make a big difference in its appearance, and a range of sizes lets you decide exactly how you’d like your chain to look. The 14K Gold 3mm Figaro Link Chain is slender and understated, revealing its pattern only to those in close proximity. On the other hand, broader styles, such as the 14K Gold 11mm Figaro Link Chain, give this same pattern a bold sensibility, perfect for any guy with an unabashed sense of style. No matter which width you chose, you can rest assured that it will stay put once you fasten it with a secure lobster claw clasp.

gold box chains 14k solid

Rope chains like the 14K Gold 4mm Rope Chain are a basic for any man’s jewelry collection. These chains twist together (like a rope as the name suggests) and can be worn solo, in combination with other chains or paired with a pendant. Any of Apples of Gold’s men’s cross pendants would partner perfectly with a rope chain.

Each one of these chains is a versatile, timeless and built to last. No matter which one you pick, you can be sure that you’ll wear it over and over again.

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