Plain, Classic, Simple Wedding Bands 

6mm plain gold wedding band ring 14kSimple plain wedding bands allow the meaning of the classic symbol of love and commitment to take center stage. These uncomplicated but uncompromisingly beautiful rings declare the endless love and devotion that a husband and wife share.

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Rings have been used as symbols of affection for thousands of years in numerous cultures, and the significance behind the wedding band becomes all the more evident when it’s presented simply and elegantly. When you exchange rings at the altar, you make a promise that you’ll love the one you marry “until death do us part”; the circular shape of a ring, with no beginning or end, creates a picture of this love without end.

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6mm plain white gold wedding band ringIn addition to their ability to clearly communicate your commitment, simple wedding bands have the advantage of always being in style. No matter what trends come into vogue, these rings will continue to be pictures of timeless good taste.

Plain, classic simple wedding bands aren’t limited to just a handful of styles, however. Apples of Gold carries dozens of unfussy looks that allow you to choose the style that fits your relationship perfectly. All of these rings are suitable for both men and women, so that you and the one to whom you’ll say “I do” can wear matching symbols of the love you share.

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Flat wedding bands take a classic look and give it just a touch of modern edge. For example, the 14K White Gold Flat Wedding Band Ring offers sleek, minimalistic style, crafted from shining 14K white gold. Choose from a variety of widths to find the ones that suit each of you perfectly. Although the outside of this ring is flat, the inside is curved to fit more naturally on your finger in a comfort fit design.flat wedding band ring white gold 14k

For a simple style with a secret that only the two of you will know about, check out the 14K White Gold & Rose Gold Wedding Band. On the outside, this design looks like a simple brushed white gold band; however, there’s more to this ring than meets the eye. A polished inner rose gold surface provides a warm surprise, perfect for a love that sets you aglow from the inside out.

Simple wedding bands can also convey a sense of style that’s modern and unique, while retaining a timeless sensibility. For example, the 14K White Gold Concave Wedding Band is both bold and minimalistic as is turns traditional wedding ring style inside-out, curving inward rather than outward. A highly-polished finish highlights the contemporary form of this ring and gives it classic appeal.

plain two tone gold wedding band ringTwo-tone takes on simple styles give these basically beautiful designs an extra dose of versatility. They also demonstrate that, like two unique people in a relationship, two different colors can combine to form one stunning whole. The 14K Two-Tone Gold Wedding Band with Brushed Center pairs a brushed 14K yellow gold center with highly polished double white gold edges, creating an eye-catching and sophisticated contrast of colors and textures that will please a wide range of tastes.

The 14K Two-Tone Gold Rope Design Wedding Band Ring provides a completely different take on contrasting colors and textures—one that’s uncomplicated but that draws an admiring glance. A yellow gold rope design is wrapped around the center of a clean white gold band, giving a stylish pop to a classic ring. It’s a classy look that transcends trends.

Simple wedding bands are the carriers of a message that’s uncomplicated but incredibly powerful: true love has no beginning or end. These rings are pictures of unbroken commitment for a lifetime and a love that continues for as long as you both shall live.

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